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Thanks for look 1 artis brush . What is art? It’s some of those subjects that maybe most of us won’t come completely in contract with. There are generally pieces of art that defy the creativity and catch your center, and sometimes there is art and 1 artis brush where we stand straight back and look and question what it’s all about.

Art is personal, as personal as every one of us. But the reality is whatsoever an artist provides is art but it really comes down to if the masses take it or reject it. Here more about 1 artis brush :

Artis® Elite Mirror Oval 8 Brush - 8098214 | HSN

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  1. The brush washed and dried well, the bristles were densely packed and it delivered a street freak application for foundation. It also unfortunately snapped in half after a week of using it. Perhaps I was applying too much pressure, however the neck portion of the brush is very thin compared to another one that I purchased for about triple the price. I tried gluing it back together put the plastic was shiny and slippery, so the glue wouldn’t adhere. I had to throw it away. The blending sponge was is a little harder than the blending sponges I’m used to but it washes and dries well and it does the job of applying foundation well when it’s dampened. The cleaning tool is actually the best part of the trio, well constructed and handy to have. However for the price of the set I expected the brush to be a little sturdier and not snap in half within a week.

  2. Really love this brush. It feels great. I use it with my dead sea mud mask. The first beauty blender I got was really weird and split when it got wet. I told the seller this and they sent me a whole new set with an extra beauty blender. These new two are perfect, so my rating went from a 4 to a 5. Definitely recommend!! The brush is sooooo soft X)

  3. I love this CAILYN O! WOW Makeup Brush! I was pleasantly surprised, as I truly didn’t know what to expect with this brush. I had been wanting to try the Artis Brushes, but they were just out of my price range at an average of $70 for each brush. I saw this brush was recommended as a “dupe” for one of the Artis brushes, and I’m so glad that I gave it a try. For 1/3rd of the cost, this one brush will literally replace at least 5 brushes in your makeup brush collection. You can apply multiple products back-to-back without ever stopping to clean the brush in-between products, which is unheard of. First, let’s start with how soft, dense, and full this brush is! I compare the softness and quality of this brush against some of my higher-end $60+ brushes. It’s packed so tightly that nothing can fall inside of it. That’s the key to this brush. Makeup doesn’t melt or get absorbed into the fibers at all, so it decreases the amount of makeup that you need to use. You will literally save product and money by using this brush because you only need to use half the amount of product that you previously used, reason being that none of your makeup is being absorbed into the fibers of this brush.To apply, I usually take my liquid foundation and apply small dots of it all over my face with my fingers. Then I put my concealer over the areas where it’s needed. Before blending anything out, I take my contour crayon and apply my contour lines on my face, forehead and nose. Then I take my brush and just blend. It’s effortless and it takes a fraction of the time that it would take using other brushes or worse… using a Beauty Blender. Blend everything together using the same brush without ever changing the brush. There are many videos and examples available online on Instagram for those who are interested. After I blend out my foundation, concealer, and contour, I use the same exact brush and apply my blush and highlighter. It doesn’t cross-contaminate my products or the brush. I’ve never seen anything like this at all, and this is the beauty of having a brush where the makeup doesn’t soak into the fibers. I use liquid products for my foundation and concealer, a crayon for my contour, powder for my blush, and powder for my highlighter. It handles all the different products just fine. If you preferred, you could buy 2 of these and keep one for liquids and one for powders to keep things really clean and separate, but it’s not necessary.I will say that the size of the CAILYN O!O Wow brush is a little smaller than what I had anticipated. I thought it would be just slightly larger. I have uploaded photos next to a standard liquid lipstick to show as a comparison. However, it’s still a perfect size for applying foundation all over the face. The top has an angle that gets into the corners of the eye areas for concealer (or other tight areas that you need to get into), and it’s perfect for applying blush/highlighter/contour colors. Honestly, the only other brushes you’ll need are smaller brushes for eye-shadow and eyeliner and your large powder brush to set everything. Done!You really can’t go wrong with this brush. At first I thought the design of a „toothbrush“ style brush was rather odd. I continued to notice their rise in popularity, and that’s NOT by some mistake or false media hype. There’s real technology behind the brush. I’m not sure if the other cheaper brushes made by other companies hold up the standard of the CAILYN or Artis brush brands, so be very careful. Most likely, the key is in the composition of the fibers and also their density. I don’t think they’re all made alike. Artis Brush has a patent on the fibers in their brushes. CAILYN uses another type of synthetic fiber, which obviously does a great job.

  4. I purchased this set primarily for the foundation brush and the silicone brush cleaner („brush egg“), with the sponge egg as a bonus, with the price I paid being reasonable for all three items. All seemed to be of fairly good quality for the inexpensive price, so I was pleased. The brush egg is made of thick silicone, has nubs for small brushes and grooves for larger ones, just needs a squirt of cleanser. Very satisfying to see all of the built-up product on my brushes finally wash out! The foundation brush surprised me with the quality and density of the bristles, and how nicely it blended foundation. It needs to be washed fairly frequently so excess foundation doesn’t gum up the bristles (think of how spilling juice on your favorite teddy bear turned out). Things were going great between the foundation brush and I until the head snapped off the handle. It’s still usable, but it’s an annoying turn of events. The sponge egg is hardly worth mentioning. It didn’t do much of anything regarding foundation application, and started to lose chunks of sponge when I cleaned it using the brush egg, then never quite returned to its egg shape after drying and was just kind of lumpy.

  5. I purchased the first O! Wow Brush on Feb. 28 2017, The product is nice and work really well when apply foundation. I purchased again on 4/19/17 to give to my friend as a gift. The brush I received is totally different than the first one I bought. The quality is way too cheap. You can tell the brush weight different when you hold on. 1.2 oz VS 0.6 oz. It’s no weight support on the bottom of handle and angle is not right support when you apply foundation. Brush hair is also different than the original one. When you brush it some hair fell down instantly. The original brush hair is darker color and shorter. The cap is also cheap quality. If you don’t carefully open it, it will Scraping your finger. I love the original brush not this one.

  6. i bought this brush because my artis brush head snapped off and i didnt want to spend a fortune. i had artis #6. The brush head on the cailyn is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. it did take longer to apply my foundation with this brush and i dont feel that i got as even of a coverage. It almost felt like it was soaking up my foundation instead of distributing it. the bristles are soft to the touch but a LOT more firm than the artis. i like that this brush comes with a cap and that you can stand it up. and i do like that it feels a lot more sturdy than the artis. it doesnt feel like the neck is gonna snap. the artis brush always felt like it was fragile. i will give this brush some more time to grow on me.

  7. Excellent brush. Sweep this across a powder makeup and it holds the product extremely well. Lays product smoothly onto your skin with no skipping or fall out. You’ll use less product due to better lay down. Brushes come nicely packaged in lovely display boxes, but that maybe a bit of over packaging if you’re into recycling and such. Bit of a learning curve if you’re accustomed to straight brushes. Affordable, lush, plush, and luxurious.

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