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Thanks for look 7artisans fuji . What is art? It’s some of those subjects that maybe most of us won’t come completely in contract with. There are generally pieces of art that defy the creativity and catch your center, and sometimes there is art and 7artisans fuji where we stand straight back and look and question what it’s all about.

Art is personal, as personal as every one of us. But the reality is whatsoever an artist provides is art but it really comes down to if the masses take it or reject it. Here more about 7artisans fuji :

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Heute per UPS angekommen. Vorgestern Nachmittag in Wien bestellt, heute geliefert. UPS ist und bleibt einfach Spitze! (Nur mal so, nebenbei. Und einen ...

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Die Vorstandssitzung von Leica Historica e.V. am vergangenen Wochenende in Marburg haben wir natürlich auch für einen kleinen (Foto-)Spaziergang durch ...


Affordable Lens Review - 7Artisans 50mm f1.1 - For Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Leica

This is a solidly built 50mm f1.1 for less than 400 bucks brand new. It can be adapted to most mirrorless cameras and it covers full frame. So is it any good? You can check it out here: https://ww...

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  1. I have a Fuji X-T20 and was in the market for a fast prime (specifically, the Fujifilm XF 23mm f/2) when I suddenly ran across a blog reviewing the 7artisans 25mm f/1.8. As you can imagine, I was met with much skepticism given the very low cost of a f/1.8 and it being an off-brand lens. Wrestling with the ideal of spending $450 for the Fuji 23mm f/2 (or possibly $899 for the Fuji 23mm f/1.8) vs. $70 for the 7artisans 25 f/1.8, I decided to take the risk on the latter. I figured, how much would I really lose going the cheap route compared to the cost of buying a new (or used) lens. The risk seemed worth it.After using the lens on a simple test shoot, it appears my gamble paid off. To the naked eye, the images produced by this glass is visually pleasing (see attached). Under a microscope, I’m sure the overall sharpness (pixel to pixel) is inferior to the Fuji 23mm f/2. However, based on my usage (i.e. causal outdoor photography, family portraits, product reviews on Youtube, etc), the quality is „good enough“. That said, this general assessment isn’t based on a detailed analysis of the glass (e.g. chromatic aberration, distortion, color rendition, etc), but solely on a visual observation as displayed on-screen.All said, I would highly recommend this lens for the casual photographer. At $70, it could even serve as a learning lens if you’re just starting out and would like to get more acquainted with using a prime lens in manual mode. Speaking of manual mode, I found it pretty easy to lock focus especially when using focus assist. Both the focus & aperture rings are smooth and easy to turn, although I did find myself reaching for the focus ring a lot when I really wanted to change aperture. That’s largely do to having large hands and things being pretty cramped on a much smaller lens than I’m used to. The overall quality of the lens feels solid and pairs nicely on the X-T20.So, before investing in a more expensive alternative, you might want to try it out for yourself. I’m actually considering getting a MFT version for my GH4.Note: With this being a APS-C lens, the 35mm equivalent of the 25mm focal length is: 37.5mmShipping: Ships directly from Hong Kong. I paid +$10 for expedited shipping. Received within a week from order date. Well packaged.NOTE: The attached photos are straight from camera – untouched using the 7artisans lens (jpeg format). All I did was crop to size.Hope this helps.

  2. To be up front, this lens isn’t perfect. This is expected – it costs less than 70 bucks. The upside, though, is that it’s capable of some seriously impressive performance that (to me) far exceed its shortcomings. Considering the price, it’s a 5-star lens. Details…Pros:- Remarkable sharpness in the center, even when shooting at f2. At f4 it’s capable of blistering sharpness across nearly the entire frame (see cons). Picture of leaves is a 100% crop of a picture shot at f2 – the resolution is incredible.- Decent contrast wide open, gets better at f2.8, reaches its peak at f4-8. Nice, deep color.- Bokeh can be a bit harsh, but it’s definitely possible to get very shallow depth of field. Picture of pink flowers shot at f2 gives you an idea of the character of the bokeh, and how much contrast is possible.- Surprising close-focusing ability. It’s no macro lens, but you can get extremely close to a subject, with no perceptible loss in image quality.- Nice build quality, compact design – with caveats (again, see cons). Mounts snug to camera body with no play.- It’s SEVENTY BUCKS. Crazy.Cons:- It’s capable of MONSTER flare with light in or close to the frame. Like, some of the worst I’ve ever seen. BUT, move slightly and it’s gone.- Extreme corners were always soft, even stopped down. I’m talking the very, very extreme corners, but it’s there. I’m pretty sure the Micro 4/3 version wouldn’t exhibit this due to the smaller sensor.- Barrel distortion will be evident if you plan to shoot architecture / straight lines. Not horrible, and expected with a lens this size / price.- Build quality is good, but not amazing. Mine has a small piece of debris visible in the glass, though even stopped down to f16 I wasn’t able to see any effect on image quality. Focus ring has a VERY slight gritty feel to it. Aperture is de-clicked… preferable for video shooters, but I prefer clicks.Conclusion… a definite bargain. The sharpness is astonishing, overall rendering of the lens mostly pleasing. It’s well-built, extremely compact, and good-looking. It definitely has some flaws, but considering the price, I feel like I got way more than my money’s worth. Will continue to update with more experience, and compared to lenses of similar focal length.

  3. I cannot give this lens anything less than 5 stars.The lens is optically very sharp and also gives you lot of opportunities to get a great bokeh. You cannot claim that with a other wide angles lenses even the branded ones. For the price is not even a steal it’s a heist. This is a no brained. This comment is coming from 15yrs experienced photographer.Yes it had its shotcommings; heck what do we expect from a sub $100 lens.1. Aperture ring is declicked which is great but too loose. I which it had some resistance as it tends to move around after a few shots.2. Very hard to nail end to end sharpness even at f16. The lens tends to give you nice bokeh at any given aperture which is both good and bad. I managed to find the sweet spot for end to end sharpness but it’s takes time to identify3. Smallest aperture is f16 and not f224. I did not find much of light change from f1.8 to f4. Not sure how optically this is possibl…

  4. Over all this is one hell of a little lens for the money. It’s sharp, manually focuses easily and quickly (Sony A6500 with peaking and focus magnification turned on). It’s tiny – reminds me of my old manual cameras when I first started learning to shoot. But above all else… it’s making shooting fun again as it forces you to be in the moment as you compose focus and shoot. No letting the camera figure everything out for you… you are in control. Also the quality is excellent and it’s a little tank. The Picts are wonderful and if you know your camera settings, this little 25mm, is a joy to mess around with. Plus you’ll fall in love with shooting again.For what you pay you’re getting a nice piece of glass and metal. The sliding aperture ring is smooth and you’re not limited to clicked stops – so you need to be really aware of where you’re at on the aperture settings. It’s small so you need to get used to the small turning radius of the focus ring – very slight turns for adjusting focus – that’s why I like the focus magnification on my A6500 – plus set focus peaking to mid range yellow… other wise it’s overwhelming.It’s tack sharp at about f4 with a bit of softening in the edges and slight vignetting, but over F4 it’s clean. It’s really fun to use as a black and white lens for street shooting. (I’ll post images soon). The unusual focal length is cool – between 20mm and 30mm lenses so it’s a nice mid wide.But once again – it’s a truly fun lens – well built and even if you’re a pro – I’m going to bet this will be a surprise in quality and just fun factor!

  5. Thank you for your purchase of our 7.5 fisheye lens for your Fuji X Series Camera.As you may know, Japanese lenses were discovered by American Korean War Photographers in the early 1950s.They were amazed at the quality of the images and of the workmanship and the value. At 7 Artisans, we hope youare equally amazed at the lenses our technicians create.What good is a great lens of you cannot afford it or that ti is so expensive that you will never use it for fear ofloss or damage, And what good is a poorly made lens that delivers second best images and that disintegratesin your hands.Dedicated to combining hands on craftsmanship and leading edge computer design and advanced manufacturingtechnology to deliver lenses you can afford and will be proud to use.Each 7 Artisans Lens is packaged in a lovely box for two reasons, one because 7 Artisans Lenses are special and two toinsure that the lens reaches you, wherever you are in the world, in perfect condition.While every lens is hand inspected and tested and includes an inspection certificate, we realize that we arehuman and also that sometimes things happen. Each lens is protected by a one year warranty from the dateof purchase. Should you have a problem, please contact the distributor in your country. In the unlikely event that you might have a problemwith them, please let us know.—Each lens has a mounting index dot printed on the barrel.Align the dot and twist the lens to securely mount it to your Fuji X CameraRemember, 7 Artisan’s Lenses are manual focus. Please set your Fuji XSeries camera to SHOOT WITHOUT LENSES under SHOOTING MENU 3—Never point any lens directly at the sun, it will damage your eye and the sensor as well.__Each lens is crafted from fine optical glass. Please use a Microfiber Cloth or properlens tissue and fluid to carefully clean any fingerprints or dust___This is an extreme fisheye delivering 180 degrees, Take care to assure your fingersdo not appear at the edges of the image__The aperture has 11 blades which should generate a superb bokeh(out of focus highlights)___The extreme wide angle of view means almost everything is in focus__The f2.8 maximum aperture is extraordinary for a super wide angle lens (most aref5.6 or slower) meaning you can shoot in extremely low light situations__This is a precision instrument delivered to you ready to shoot,Please do not disassemble or adjust the lens. In the unlikely eventthat there is a problem, please contact your regional distributor and, ifin the unlikely event, they cannot help you, please contact us__Four petal lens hood helps protect the front element and prevent lens flare.__Wide, easy to grip metal focus mount makes it easy to insuresharp images. Marked for feet or meters__Wide, well marked aperture ring lets you use f stops for extra creative control__Clear focal lens markings make it easy to see at a glance what lens ismounted to your camera__Rugged, all metal mounting ring is designed to OEM standards andto provide years of precise, trouble free use__Go forth and create amazing images

  6. Lens is ok but blurry in the corners even stopped down to F/4 or F5.6. I also have the a Minolta Rokkor 58mm 1.4 lens and that lens is sharp into the corners at F/2. In other words you are probably better off purchasing the Minolta if you want corner sharpness. The benefit of this lens over most all other lenses is that if you stop down to lets say F/4 you still get rounded bokeh balls due to the massive amount of aperture blades on the lens. I like the lens for that reason alone and will keep it in my kit for certain types of shots.

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