about art 101 kids 154-piece trifold easel art set

Thanks for look art 101 kids 154-piece trifold easel art set . What is art? It’s some of those subjects that maybe most of us won’t come completely in contract with. There are generally pieces of art that defy the creativity and catch your center, and sometimes there is art and art 101 kids 154-piece trifold easel art set where we stand straight back and look and question what it’s all about.

Art is personal, as personal as every one of us. But the reality is whatsoever an artist provides is art but it really comes down to if the masses take it or reject it. Here more about art 101 kids 154-piece trifold easel art set :

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Art 101 Kids 154 Piece Trifold Art Set

With the new tri-fold art sets, your child can have an art set with multiple features including a mini-easel to conveniently create their artwork. The easel can be used on both sides which...

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  1. Lovely little art kit for kids. I love this has its own built in easel so the kiddies can do their art anywhere and don’t have to worry about sitting at a table. The slots are great for keeping track of their coloring, drawing tools. On my list to buy again for Christmas.

  2. This is a very decent set although I did find pretty much the same thing about $10 cheaper at hobby lobby. Also, for those leas knowledgeable about art supplies (like me), oil pastels aren’t paints, they’re crayon-like!

  3. This looked great, my niece was excited to open it up. The paint brush wasn’t there when we opened it, the pencil sharpener doesn’t work because the whole is too small to put and pencils in, including the colored pencils that come with it. The water color paints aren’t very good either, not a lot of color. i thought it might just be the paintbrush that we found to use but the color pencils are just as terrible. All the cheap paints fell out also. Going to try to put in some pictures here. You shouldn’t waste your money on this one.

  4. I give this 2 stars.I had high hopes for this set, but it didn’t even come slightly close.The pros: it’s portable, it came with paper & 2 paper clips that we can actually use for something else. The markers work, surprisingly.The cons: The easel is cheap, flimsy, and doesn’t hold up once pressure is applied.The picture shows 2 children using it at the same time. Ours could not be used by a second child at the same time. One side is the length needed to hold the paper it comes with, the other side was 1/4 of that length. Did we simply get a bad easel??The oil pastels are not really pastels, and color like cheap waxy crayons. The scissors broke RIGHT away, didn’t even get to cut a single piece of paper.The crayons are not the best quality.

  5. I got this as a Christmas gift for my nephew who has started to like drawing and coloring and he loves it. The set is surprisingly big and the included easel makes it easy to just lay it out on the floor and he can start drawing. I didn’t test out the colors or anything but from what I can tell the look nice and like they are a decent quality. Usually sets like this you don’t get the BEST quality markers and things but that is expected.Overall, it is a great set for a young kid who is maybe just getting into drawing, and you perhaps don’t want to spend a ton of money on a drawing set just to have them get tired of it after a few days (as kids do). I imagine my nephew will out grow the set and may want a better one, but I think this will at least last him awhile.

  6. Got this for my 5 year old. I am jealous, and I want one too. It’s got everything you need, even pastels. She will love it, she always asks me to draw her things, so I will love it too since I get to play with it! Everything has its place and stays put, stores away nicely. Great product at a great price!

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