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Thanks for look :art-80 . What is art? It’s some of those subjects that maybe most of us won’t come completely in contract with. There are generally pieces of art that defy the creativity and catch your center, and sometimes there is art and :art-80 where we stand straight back and look and question what it’s all about.

Art is personal, as personal as every one of us. But the reality is whatsoever an artist provides is art but it really comes down to if the masses take it or reject it. Here more about :art-80 :

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Электрогитара IBANEZ ART80

IBANEZ ART80 https://goo.gl/LJPDlD доступна в черном цвете https://goo.gl/qMGOCl 0:10 Краткий рассказ о характеристиках электрогитары...

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  1. This set is of extremely poor quality. Every material is cheap. Some people might try to rationalize that it’s okay to give something like this to a child, because hey, kids don’t care if the supplies are crap, right? Well, some kids do care, and the ones who don’t know any better will still be frustrated that the materials don’t „work“ properly. The colored pencils are extremely cheap and don’t even compare in quality to Crayola colored pencils, which aren’t the best quality from an artist’s standpoint. The pastels are horrible—like greasy crayons…again, a set of Crayola oil pastels are of much better quality than these (Crayola actually makes a pretty good set of oil pastels, and Amazon sells them). The „watercolor cakes“ are a complete joke. They’re lightly glued in, and every time the case is closed, several of them fall out. The drawing pencils are so cheap that you’d do way better to just use a regular #2 school pencil to draw with. Ours also came with markers, which were the low-quality throw-away type you get when you buy a book from the dollar store with markers included. My kids were gifted two sets over Christmas, and while we appreciate the thought behind it, it was shocking how crappy and cheap the quality of ALL the materials was. I don’t fault the giver at all, but rather the distributor of such crappy quality materials. The case looked nice, however the wood is flimsy like some type of balsa wood, so don’t expect it to be very protective or to hold up to a lot of wear & tear.It’s unbelievable that this set could ever be priced as high as $39.99. Right now it’s on sale for $12.95, but honestly, it’s still not worth even that much. Don’t fall for the temptation to get „80 pieces“ for just a few bucks. Those 80 pieces will cause your budding artist much frustration and disappointment. Also don’t be fooled by the picture. Some of the items look like they’re nice enough, but they’re not worth having even for free. My family and I all tried everything out and I wouldn’t be writing this strong of a review if there was anything worth even $12 in the set.Before I sound like an art-supply snob (I’m not! I’m not even really an artist, though my husband and son are), let me say that this review is not in any way about me trying to sound superior and knocking discount-store art supplies. This is me saying that, while there *are* better options out there than Crayola-type supplies, this set makes Crayola-type supplies look like expensive professional supplies in comparison. I’m saying that these materials are basically disposable junk, not fit for anyone to use. I felt obligated to do a review, to save someone from wasting even a few dollars on something this bad. You or your gift recipient deserve much better than this. You’d do so much better to buy separate, decent sets of oil pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, and drawing pencils. None of these items are necessarily expensive on their own, anyway. Again, Crayola makes decent oil pastels. For colored pencils, Prang makes sets that are low-priced but surprisingly high-quality, and if you really want a treat, splurge for a Prismacolor Premiere set. Prang also makes fairly high-quality watercolors at a reasonable price. Either search for these things on Amazon, or visit Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn and check out what they have, especially when they have sales. For around $50 you can purchase every type of supply listed in this set, but you’ll be getting very good quality materials– something that, when it comes to art supplies, definitely matters…even for kids!

  2. I’m an adult coloring fan. I’m not new to fandom either. I’ve been coloring for over 50 years. I got these based on a recommendation from a friend. I have several different types of markers, both water & alcohol based.Pros:They blend VERY well!The colors fill in the color gaps of my other markersThe price is GREAT for the qualityCons (none very serious):I wish they had even more colorsSome of the tips are different sized, and even the fine tips are a little broad to get into those tiny cornersThe colors are kind of wonky. The names don’t seem to fit the actual colors (see the color chart photo that I included)I would definitely buy these again, and I highly recommend them.EDIT: 11/19/16I see reviewers commenting that these markers bleed. That’s what markers do! It’s not a fault in the marker; markers bleed! Also, caps almost NEVER match the actual color of the medium. It’s simply an approximation of color. These markers are WELL worth the $. At less than $.50 per marker, you can’t go wrong! These are cheaper than Sharpies, and they blend MUCH better.

  3. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed using these markers. That being said, there are both pros and cons. Granted, this was my first time using markers for any kind for art, so I don’t have anything elae to compare these to. Nor am I a fabulous artist.First, the colors! They’re very vivid, and have some gorgeous shades in there. There’s an adequate variety of orange/yellows, browns, pinks as well as reds. The variety of blues and greens is phenomenal, though I do think they went a bit crazy with the greens. There are so many of the greens that some shades barely have a difference and don’t feel necessary. The skin tones are all on the paler end, so you’re out of luck if you want a nice healthy olive skin tone without wandering into the realm of the darkish browns. Pretty satisfied with the greys, there are both cool and warm shades. Though I do wish the set came with an even lighter gray, I’ll survive without it.The purples however are where I run into my first major complaint. There’s a lovely light lavender shade and then four dark purples. Sadly there are no medium purples that I so sorely want for blending. The ‚pale lilac‘ marker I suppose might be meant to be a mid purple, but it’s too pink to really be of any use blending the cooler purples. I think this set definitely needs more purples.They do bleed. I’ve been using these in my sketchbook with 70lb paper, and they go through it like it’s tissue paper. I just put a sheet of cardstock behind the page I’m working on and that solves that problem. They also spread a bit more than I expected. I keep having issues with the ink spreading embarrassingly outside the lines when I’m not careful.They blend fairly well. If you work quickly enough, you can get some pretty smooth transitions. The more shades of a color there are, the easier it is to find the right ones do those transitions (curse those purples!)I would definitely recommend sitting down and swatching all the colors. The caps aren’t very accurate to what the colors look like once they dry on paper, and it’s very handy to have the sheet nearby when trying to pick out what shades you need.The markers themselves are made well enough? The caps on the fine tips are a little difficult to get off, but not impossible, and I know at least they won’t be drying out. The tips on the fine tips aren’t all that fine. To get lines very thin, I generally use the edge of the broad tip and it seems to work better.For the casual artist who doesn’t have the budget or desire to blow all their money on the fancier alcohol based markers out there, I think this is a fabulous choice.

  4. The reviews that give this set a poor rating are on point. I was suspicious of the set before buying it because of the low price, but hey, the overall rating with thousands of reviews was good… Well my suspicions were correct. Terrible quality. The markers were mostly dried out. The „oil pastels“ are just crayons. Pencils are poorly pigmented (cheap pencils from the grocery store are better). Paints suck. I would much rather pay five times as much for something that wasn’t disappointing to use.

  5. I purchased the 80 color set and have been using these markers regularly since mid February 2017 and am extremely pleased with the quality, especially for the price. I have been able to use them in conjunction with my other brands of alcohol markers without issue. They blend beautifully with rich, full coverage. The bullet nibs are a little bit inconsistent in size, but not significantly so, and still work beautifully. Detail work is more challenging than it would be with brush nibs, but the cost difference is huge. I really like how this set fills in the gaps in my existing, Spectrum Noir collection allowing me to get smoother blends on my projects while keeping my marker costs down. I have tried other off brands of alcohol markers, and found this one to be better quality as well as lower price. The only negatives I’ve found are that they seem to be extra juicy & wick across the paper a bit more than my Spectrum Noir markers, and the 4 fluorescent colors are not alcohol ink, they are standard highlighters.Note: Card photos are colored using a combination of Ohuhu, Spectrum Noir & Colorista markers.

  6. This is a review for Darice 131-Piece Premium Art Set – Art Supplies for Drawing, Painting and More in a Wood Case – Makes a Great Gift for Children and Adults.A few years ago, we found a cyber Monday deal for an art set like this one. I cannot remember the brand, but I do remember that it was ENTIRELY used by my children. My kids loved using all the different supplies and colors to make pictures, and they just loved the fact that the case could be closed and carried around like a briefcase.We decided this year to see if we could find another good deal on an art set, and we found the Darice 131 Piece Art Set. It looked entirely like what we had before, had lots of colors and different textures of coloring (marker, pencils, crayon, paint, etc.), and it was really a bargain. And, believe it or not, our kids were so excited to get the Darice kit and have been using it ever since Christmas. And yes, they carry it around still like a briefcase…Some notes on this set. First, given the price, don’t expect super high quality supplies. They are good quality in my opinion, but this set is meant to be a low price, many piece set. Second, the case is a little flimsy. But again, see point one. Third, be careful when closing the case. If the latches aren’t closed properly, you may have 131 art supplies on the floor…Overall, I love this product (or, rather, my kids love this product). I love the price. I will purchase this again when this kit is used up.

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