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Thanks for look art supplies for kids . What is art? It’s some of those subjects that maybe most of us won’t come completely in contract with. There are generally pieces of art that defy the creativity and catch your center, and sometimes there is art and art supplies for kids where we stand straight back and look and question what it’s all about.

Art is personal, as personal as every one of us. But the reality is whatsoever an artist provides is art but it really comes down to if the masses take it or reject it. Here more about art supplies for kids :

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Our kids art supplies let your child explore their imagination. With art sets, wood crafts, clay and more there is no limit to what your child can dream up.



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  1. The colors are bright, but it dulls easily as you add water, looking muddy and grey once thinned out. The primary colors work best, but the other four are not so great.I would recommend watercolor pencils instead. A child would have fun with these, but the pigment is waxy once down on the paper so I wasn’t really happy with my test pictures.

  2. Fantastic case as everyone has mentioned.At times this set is listed as $39, and other times as $19. If it is more expensive than $19 or $20, you may want to hold out and see if the price drops over the next few days.

  3. Fantastic case as everyone has mentioned.At times this set is listed as $39, and other times as $19. If it is more expensive than $19 or $20, you may want to hold out and see if the price drops over the next few days.

  4. I purchased this for my daughter for her 5th birthday recently. This set is absolutely wonderful! There is such a huge selection of beautiful colors with crayons, colored pencils, and markers and of course Crayola always has good quality products. The case is also very pretty and pretty sturdy. She was so excited when she opened it and we have already gotten a lot of use out of it. It is absolutely worth the $25! I think I might even buy one for myself!***NOTE***It does NOT come with scissors, despite the description! I even contacted Crayola about this. So, don’t expect that to be in your set.

  5. To be sure, my two kids have been having tons of fun with this art kit for the last week or two. My daughter is about to enter kindergarten, and the art supplies included are mostly well suited to her level. My son is only 2-1/2 years old, and while he enjoys scribbling with crayons on the dry-erase board and so forth, he is mostly wrecking everything. Of course it is not the product’s fault that my son is much too young to properly make use of it.I did knock off a couple stars, for a variety of reasons. One reason is that the product contains several „rare earth“ type magnets, which appear to be pressed and possibly glued into its various wooden components. It is now fairly well known that these powerful magnets can be dangerous and even deadly to young children, should they eat them. Kids have died from their intestines being perforated as a pair of these magnets seek to come together in their guts. While this product is recommended for ages 6 and up, many households contain kids of a variety of ages. Wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity, and often splits along the grain when abused, so I could see these magnets being released at some point. This is just something parents should be aware of when they purchase this item.While the wood box of this thing has in fact held up well to a couple weeks of my kids beating on it, I can’t say it is any masterpiece of woodworking. No interlocking finger joints at the corners here.And what is this current selling price? $58 plus over $28 more for shipping? That seems a bit extreme.I suspect it may be partly due to my son and his crayons, but the chalkboard has gotten sort of polished already and is not marked well by the chalk any longer. The same piece of chalk will write OK in the corners, but hardly at all in the center of the board.Well it is a nice idea, especially for travel, to store the art supplies inside the box. And the dry erase board is really nice. And like I said, my kids ARE really enjoying this kit.

  6. First I want to say that Faber-Castell is a name that has been around art supplies since the 1700s. I went to art school in the early 1970s and they were one of the big names in art supplies then and still are. I’m happy to see that they are offering kits for kids because it’s nice to get young artists started with serious art supplies. I really like this kit, but I have some pro and con thoughts about it and here they are:Pros:–The box itself is very nicely made and given a little bit of care, it will last for many years. I love the large size of the box and the super nice wood that it’s made from.–It’s very clever to have a white board on one side and a chalk board on the other. Great idea.–I love that the white board is magnetic and can act as a really cool-looking easel for hanging up finished works. The magnets seemed kind of puny to me at first, but they are actually pretty strong and I’ve been hanging photo prints on the easel for days with no problems.–I like the plastic wings that keep they easel open, they do work and fit pretty tightly.–The kit has some pretty good supplies but I think for the price they could expand on what’s included a bit. Of course, Mom & Dad will probably do that anyway.Cons:–First of all, you’re going to have to supervise young kids when they open this. There are two packets of desiccant included and they should be tossed immediately. You don’t want kids opening the little packets thinking they contain some type of art supplies.–Also, nothing keeps the box open (no hinges when it’s not being used as an easel), so watch little fingers. Adding a little hinge/support would have been pretty easy, I’m surprised that was overlooked.–The blackboard is pretty good, but it’s made of painted wood (no one would expect slate these days) and in mine the grain and texture of that wood is pretty obvious. I’m not sure kids will notice or care, so totally not a big deal. The wood erases pretty well with the included eraser, but you have to put some elbow grease into it to truly erase it. Again, minor.–There are oil pastels included that are meant to be used only on paper, but I’m not sure kids will remember that. (And why no dry-erase markers for the white board?) You can expect some kids are going to use the oil pastels on surfaces that might not erase.–The box is held closed with magnets and they do seem to work, but I would much prefer a more solid mechanical closure. Every time I pick this up I’m afraid the contents are going to come tumbling out if I bump into a chair or whatever. I’m going to add a clip myself.–The paper that was included had smashed corners. Minor, but annoying. Why not include a piece of cardboard to protect the paper?Overall though, this is a really nice set of fun art tools housed in a really handsome and well-built box. I wouldn’t overlook giving this to a kid because of my criticisms, I’d just keep them in mind for the first few days. In fact, I would absolutely put this at the top of an artistic kid’s gift list. You know kids, they are going to lose half the supplies anyway and turn this box into a treasure chest for other things! I would have killed to have this as a kid and I’m still loving it now, a lot of years past childhood. I think maybe the price is a tad high, but not outrageous and I don’t think there’s a creative kid around that wouldn’t love getting this as a gift. Most of all, I’m glad to see that kids are still interested in mechanical art techniques. Long live drawing!

  7. The main reason for 4 stars instead of 5 was the fact I was hoping for a sturdier case, from the images. The case feels like it was made out of firmer cardboard then they took a colored printed paper and glued it to the outside. If a child were to accidentally step on this thing, Im sure either the case will give in and whatever is breakable inside can easily be broken. The metal latches that help keep the case closed and the handle to hold it feel sort of cheat. Guess I was expecting something firmer, like maybe a hard plastic case or harder wood. Also the case I got was the one that has the rainbow color splash design. Bascially the two pics above the last image at the bottom on the left side of the page. It was not the White with the different painted drawings like in the main image. Incase if it matters to you. I like the rainbow splash one.Besides that everything that is on the inside of it is really nice. It comes with some blank white paper as well though I would rather trade that for a sharpener. But luckily I have one that can fit under the markers so that incase my kiddos need to sharper stuff they can. None of the crayons were broken, everything was sealed and very clean. I bought this for my twins who are going into surgery next month. They will be stuck in the hospital with a cast from the waist down so they really cant do much but be stuck in their hospital room for several months. One is more creative than the other but they both like to draw and I felt this was a good deal. I saw in a review below stating that sometimes this item goes up higher in price at times. Yeah its worth the 19.97 that it was advertised at when I bought it, with the quality of the case. Other than that i wouldnt pay more.I would say if your child or kids take good care of their things then this thing can probably last a good while. But if they leave stuff out and climb over a lot of their toys, then this thing could easily be broken.

  8. I purchased these coloring puzzles for our children but quickly everyone in the family came together to make these beautiful puzzles. Our older children and myself would do the cut outs and assembly while our younger children and grandma did the coloring. This kept everyone busy for a few hours and it felt really good to have the family come together to make something fun and creative. Everything came very well packaged and there were more than enough markers for many people to color at the same time. I would highly recommend this as an activity to do together as a family!

  9. Never have we been more disappointed with a purchase and this art easel thing was not cheap. First of all I expected high quality art supplies from Faber Castell. Not so! Very cheesy low quality „watercolor“ paint box with grainy cheap paint., and the tiniest worthless little „paintbrush“ which is about the size you would do nails with. Yes, the thing is made of wood and you could store the cheesy oil pastels, cheap newsprint paper, the“dry-erase“ markers, which by the way stain the white board terribly and two dinky little plastic magnets which are supposed to hold the paper on the dry erase board, but when you use the thing as an easel, all the stuff has no place to go. No storage with open easel. The „blackboard“ is the worst excuse for a drawing surface IT IS ONLY A PIECE OF PLYBOARD PAINTED BADLY WITH VERY THIN BLACK COLORED PAINT! Not even blackboard paint! The chalk has no surface to grab and leave a mark. There is no was a child can paint using the two little plastic magnets to hold a sheet of newsprint and apply paint with the dinky little laughable brush! I am so upset that I purchased this for my talented little three year old. It is my worst Amazon purchase and I wish I had saved the packaging but at Christmas it was tossed away! Do not buy this.. It is a piece of junk , one of those things that is tossed out and forgotten.

  10. Given as gifts to some women veterans at the Veterans Administration Medical Center (Long Beach, CA) skilled nursing section so I don’t know personally if these were appreciated – but I did run them by some others first and they seemed to like them. (Which is why I bought them, based on the ladies ideas of what a injured/recovering woman veteran would like to do with her hands in bed while waiting out long days and nights. (Television is good -lots of channels- but you get bored with just TV and books). These say HERE they are for kids- but adults seemed to like them also.

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