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Thanks for look clarks artisan 8 . What is art? It’s some of those subjects that maybe most of us won’t come completely in contract with. There are generally pieces of art that defy the creativity and catch your center, and sometimes there is art and clarks artisan 8 where we stand straight back and look and question what it’s all about.

Art is personal, as personal as every one of us. But the reality is whatsoever an artist provides is art but it really comes down to if the masses take it or reject it. Here more about clarks artisan 8 :

Clarks Artisan® for Women - Clarks® Shoes Official Site

Clarks Artisan shoes are the essence of effortless chic this season. Beautifully crafted in heels and flats for work or play.

Clarks Artisan Trigenic Damen Ballerina Gr. 8 | eBay

Clarks Artisan Trigenic Damen Ballerina Gr. 8 | Kleidung & Accessoires, Damenschuhe, Halbschuhe & Ballerinas | eBay!


Clarks Artisan Leather Lace-up Ankle Boots - Carleta Crane on QVC

For More Information or to Buy: http://qvc.co/2yTLGCv This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.

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  1. As others have mentioned before, these shoes runs small, so I ordered 8.5 instead of my usual 8. I purchased the black leather version. They fit perfectly right out of the box. I like the shape of the sole and the height of the heel, which is not too flat. It also is made out of a material which bounces back as you walk, so the shoe adds springiness to your walk. I also like the height of the toe box, which allows for plenty of room. THE ONLY ISSUE I have with these shoes is esthetic. The soles are made of material that is not quite black, more like dark charcoal color and there are embedded flecks, brown flecks, so the sole looks like you just got splashed with droplets of mud. Not very elegant. But the shoe is so comfortable, I’m willing to put up with those brown specks.

  2. I thought I would love these, but when they arrived, I thought they looked too „heavy“ for summer. They are comfortable as Clark’s typically are, but the toebox is more round than the picture shows and the shoe was too wide for my foot. In addition, the leather that goes around your ankle is stiff and seemed like it would rub against your ankle bone. Decided to return and look for something else.

  3. WOW!! Hand’s down THE MOST COMFORTABLE wedge I’ve ever had! First time wearing them out, I didn’t want to take them off! Clark’s never disappoints. True to size. It also has an adjustable back ankle strap so the fit is custom. If you’re on the fence – jump over and get these! 😀

  4. The shoes are very nice looking but are nowhere near the size 10 that is stamped inside the shoe and on the box. I have many other Clarks shoes in size 10 and they range from perfect fit to slightly large so this shoe was obviously badly labeled. Also, I put in for a refund from the seller over three weeks ago and I haven’t gotten a reply or the refund.

  5. The best shoes I ever had.. super comfortable and practical. My feet are really sensitive so most shoes hurts me. I wear those shoes every where I go.. I really recommend it 🙂

  6. These shoes are super cute and the ties make them quite adjustable. However, I had to return them because the strap that wraps around the heel cut into my foot in a immediately painful way. I could tell that within an hour my heel would have been rubbed raw. You can see in the photo of the product how wide that strap is. On my foot it just didn’t sit right. I’ve never had a sandal strap cut into my heel like that. Clarks is my favorite brand of shoe so I was sad and surprised these didn’t work.

  7. I tried these shoes on in store so I knew what size to get. I usually wear an 8 – 8.5 in shoes and the 8 was just a tad small, but the 8.5 fit really well. I tried on the tan combo and the light tan colors. The tan combo is a suede type of strap and was really really comfortable. The light tan is a smoother strap and the inside of the strap where it splits rubs slightly on my foot – so not as comfortable. Both styles stay on my feet really well due to the wide strap and the wedge is very stylish and elongates my legs.Ultimately I bought the light tan because I want to wear these to work with a wide variety of outfits and the lighter color is a great neutral. If I was going strictly on comfort though, the tan combo is the better choice. And of course I bought them from Amazon because they were almost half the price of the department store where I tried them on!

  8. I actually LOVE these shoes, could walk for miles in them, very comfy, like walking on pillows. Then last night the buckle broke and I was stuck walking around with a flapping strap.See pic attached. I now have to go spend $$$ to get a new buckle after less than a month of having the shoe, not the quality expected from Clarks. I will miss these shoes while they are being repaired. Very disappointed, but gave 3 starts because they are great shoes, would have given 10 stars if they didn’t break

  9. I LOVE these shoes!!! I have long, slim feet that are very hard to size. The adjustable lacing is perfect for me, although they do have to be double knotted to keep them from coming untied constantly. Clarks are known to be very well made and comfortable, which is why people are willing to pay the higher price for them. I’ve recently had a major achilles tendon graft, my third foot surgery in four years. My doctor finally let me out of the boot, but with strict instructions to wear only Clarks wedges. It took me two months to find a pair of Clarks that fit, because everything flopped on my heels. These work really well for me in both fit and heel height.

  10. I work retail, hard enough doing tasks on your feet and working with customers, and I get calluses and bruises so easily from shoes! I’m on my feet 8-10 hours a day and was always complaining of ankle and foot pain. I have somewhat wide feet so its hard to find shoes that are fashionable, decently priced and COMFORTABLE. I wore these for the first time today and ended up being out for about 11 hours going to work and doing errands and when did I finally come home, I realized that I was still wearing them! EXTREMELY comfortable!! I paired these with high rise ankle jeans and gave me a 90’s look. They look very similar to the 90’s ‚Slinky‘ style from Steve Madden but better suited for people who like comfort….. NO BRAINER.I find it so odd that the different prices are priced differently?

  11. OMG! I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering. I have always loved Clarks and because they quality and fitting is usually spot on and I hastily ordered the Sage and the Red! I can hardly get my foot int these! They are extremely stiff and tight!!! I took out the „hidden“ cardboard at the toe as recommended and I was so hoping this fixed the issue but sadly it didn’t. Back they go! I’m hesitant to order a half size bigger thinking they still might be too tight. They are SO CUTE! I want these shoes so badly! Has anyone here ordered up a half size and had success? Do they soften up?

  12. These were too tight in the top of foot area. I’m sure they’d stretch after getting blistered badly first. The sole part is comfortable, but the bottom of the shoe is slippery and the heel is hard and noisy. I felt as though I would get injured in these. They feel cheap. I paid for shipping and to self return; to return it cost nearly $10 at the post office, and that was the cheapest, at UPS it would’ve been $14. So really, I am only going to be refunded about $8, considering how much I paid on shipping costs and how much I paid on the shoes. So buyer beware! If you are unsure, do not buy these! There’s also a label inside the box that I happened to read and they have very strict guidelines for returning, like no refund if you tape the return paper on shoe box or if you do not have original mailing box to send it back in, etc. etc, They had a whole list of very strict guidelines or else they would not give me a refund, the list stated. When I received the box, it was all crushed and the opening was fully opened up, so I had to use a bunch of packing tape to try to secure the package to mail it in original packaging. I should’ve just donated these, but I’m sure that’s what they wanted me to do and I wasn’t going to allow that. They can just try to resell them.

  13. I love this style, it reminds me of the 80s. They are incredibly comfortable, and are excellent for casual wear. I actually use them largely for house shoes, and they work superbly in that regard. I can go do some housework, the sit down and kick them off and watch TV for a few minutes, then slip them back on and go back to whatever. They are a couple of inches in height, but I find them as easy to walk in as flats. For some reason they seemed to be (maybe) a tiny bit of a size too small, so I sized up when I got the other colors. One of my favorite pair of shoes. Definite 5 stars!

  14. This is not true to size. I bought a 7.5 and fit my bestfriend who wears a size 6. Quite disappointed because I couldn’t send it back. I wear size 7.5 in clarks for work all the time because of their comfort but i was quite surprised when I received these.

  15. The shoe is very narrow – after wearing for a couple hours I have blisters on the sides of my little toes and the backs of my heals. I really never have issues with Clark shoes however I’m concerned these will not stretch. They also make my feet look really big. I wear a size 6M

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