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Thanks for look s art watch . What is art? It’s some of those subjects that maybe most of us won’t come completely in contract with. There are generally pieces of art that defy the creativity and catch your center, and sometimes there is art and s art watch where we stand straight back and look and question what it’s all about.

Art is personal, as personal as every one of us. But the reality is whatsoever an artist provides is art but it really comes down to if the masses take it or reject it. Here more about s art watch :

Art Supplies and Materials - Jerry's Artarama

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Otium Gear S MTK6260 Smart Watch Review

Our review of the Otium Gear S MTK6260 Smart Watch! Amazon no longer sells this model but I have linked the same watch under a different manufacturer HERE http://amzn.to/2byfRVv !! ...

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  1. This is definitely the ideal watch anyone would want! I bought this for my friend as a birthday gift, and she fell in love with it. The color is beautiful, the quality is amazing, it comes with a tool that helps you adjust the time, and it comes with instructions. It is such a simple yet elegant watch that everyone would love.

  2. Bought these to go with my Samsung Gear S2 watch so I could listen to my music at the gym without carrying my phone in the gym. Connects easily, battery lasts for a few trips to the gym. Although once it says „battery medium“ it has died within 30 min. So I just keep them charged and no problem. They come with a number of earbud adapters so you can really customize the fit. For charging just be sure to turn the battery cover to the side instead of trying to flip it up– it says this in the instructions but I have seen others that didn’t read that and have had problems getting the charger port door open. The white charging light is very tiny and difficult to see but knowing that ahead of time makes it easier to pay attention to. These buds do stick out a bit from your ears and that might bother some people but I like them for the fact that the part that holds it in your ears is perfect and it connects to my watch (other brands did not) so I can over look that issue. It does come with some retainer clips that help shorten the cord so it doesn’t get in the way but there are no instructions on how to use them– I have fiddled with them and gotten them to a good length which I like since some other cords are too long. Also the fact that they magnet together around your neck when not in use ensures they won’t slip off my neck on the way out of the gym that was a definite selling feature for me. Additionally I received emails from Phasier themselves to be sure I was happy wit my product– great company. I have recommended these to friends.

  3. When I first initially purchased these headphones I got an email saying thank you for the purchase and if there were any problems with the product they will take the proper steps to best satisfy your purchase. When they arrived I soon realized that they were defective because they wouldn’t charge. So that’s when I went back to the email and responded to the company addressing my problem. And within a day they responded and asked for further information on the problem, which then i did. All in all my new non defective headphones had just arrived and I’m loving it! The bass of these headphones were better than the jaybirds in my opinion and I really like the magnetic feature. Sound quality is superb and its very comfortable. All is well, everything is how its described and it comes with everything it says it would come in. I would totally recommend this product 9/10. I will never recommend a 10/10 on any product because things don’t last forever.

  4. I don’t usually take the time to write reviews. In this case, I must. The 5 stars are for two reasons. The first is the fact that these headphones are well thought out. The design is smart and they have a full and very functional feature set. The second reason is because of the direct interaction with the president of the company. I did not reach out to him, he reached out to me, twice. First thanking me for the purchase. Second for following up on seeing how I liked them. This kind of experience is rarely ever heard of. Look no further. Buy these headphones and support a small company!!!!!!

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