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Romero Britto: Mickey & Minnie -

Romero Britto: Mickey & Minnie in der art box berlin | Deutschlandweit versandkostenfrei √ Sofort lieferbar √ Jetzt kaufen!

Galerie Mensing

Die Internetpräsenz der Galerie Mensing ... Galerie Mensing Cologne. Our new Flagship-Store. Weiterlesen ART FOR HELP. DIE KUNST ZU HELFEN


Romero Britto Pop-Art Künstler aus Brasilien in Hannover

Romero Britto Pop-Art Künstler aus Brasilien in Hannover h1 Fernsehen auf Facebook: Zur Youtube-Kanalseite von h1: ...

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  1. My wife is a huge fan of Disney (as am I, for that matter) and also a fan of Britto. Pluto is her favorite Disney character, so, well, this was the easiest Christmas gift decision I’ve ever made for anyone.If you’ve never seen Britto figures, you should feel comfortable in the knowledge that the quality is outstanding. The colors are vibrant and well-chosen, the finish is fantastic, and the overall tactile feel is great. They look even better than they appear in the photos, which isn’t true of many products.If you’ve seen Britttos before, then you will be glad to know that this as as good as the others.If you’re even remotely considering this purchase, just go for it. This will last for generations… well, assuming you don’t place it near small children or on shelves next to cats. But otherwise: generations, I tell you.Please let me know if this has been helpful to you, and especially feel free to ask questions in the comments – I’ll get a notification and will reply as soon as possible.

  2. I received this bracelet as a gift recently and loved it. After about a week and a half of owning it the „xo“ fell out of the bracelet. The bracelet is now useless because the plastic artwork is removed and cannot be snapped in place. I notified the person who bought it for me and because of when I told her, it was too late to return. It is a shame that I can no longer wear this beautiful bracelet.I would recommend not to buy!

  3. My wife loves everything Britto, so I thought that she should like this. While she like the design, I had to agree that the quality and finishing of the bracelet is not as we both hoped for. It may be an acceptable gift for a little girl or a teenager.

  4. Beautiful bracelet but today the face of the pendant just fell off. Called Alex and Ani and was told to contact Amazon. Would love to have fixed or replaced

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