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Auto - Österreich /

Österreich / - Das Online-Portal der Tageszeitung "Österreich" bietet aktuelle Text-, Bild- und Video-Nachrichten, sowie Leser- und ...

Comic - Karikaturen & Comics von Perscheid, Wumo & Tundra ...

Auf unserer Comic-Seite tun sich von nun an wieder Abgründe auf - Cartoonist Martin Perscheid sei Dank!


Cars DEUTSCH - KINDERFILM - HOOK INTERNATIONAL - Disney & Pixar, McQueen & Hook ( mini Kinderfilme )

"CARS - INTERNATIONAL", in year 2014 too fastest car of the world !!! :o) Please give me a "LIKE"..., thank you very much !!! :o) SUBSCRIBE: ...

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  1. Firstly, let me start by saying this: 3rd Rock from the Sun was one of my favorite shows to watch with the family when I was growing up. The comedy of the characters is just unsurpassed, and – overall, it’s a phenomenal show.My problem is with the simple lie on the package. This is NOT the complete series, it’s the Complete Syndicated Series.I bought this, hoping to get some good laughs from a great show, and all I received was a large amount of frustration when I discovered that the first episode was edited from it’s original hour long standing, to 22 minutes…Just be warned – This series is incomplete.I’ll be returning this shortly, and buying the seasons individually, in the hope that the „uncut“ sticker I see on the package is true.

  2. Although the covers look very cool and were exactly what I was looking for, these are terrible quality. The driver’s seat developed a rip within the first month, and now the passenger’s seat has a rip as well. The covers have only been on the car since mid-August; that’s two and a half months. When you spend almost $60 on an item, you expect to at least get a year or so out of it. Do not purchase these covers. If I could request a refund, I would, but the seller has locked it so that you can’t past 30 days after purchase. Don’t waste your money just because they look cool. I don’t even think I would pay $10 for these.

  3. I was very disappointed with the packaging. It was very flimsy and the DVDs were in sleeves and not in order for each season. The quality of each DVD was horrible. I love the show and its one of my favorite ones, but the quality is dreadful and the audio is dull as well. I made a huge mistake with this purchase and I wish I would have just bought each season on its own from a better company with a reputation for quality. I recommend „3rd Rock from the Sun“ 100% but the company who processed and packaged it is down right awful and a rip off. It looks good on the advert but when you receive it you aren’t getting a quality and well thought out product at all. If I could give it a -5 STAR I would. Just dreadful. I am returning it and will look for something better. Look for a better product maker before purchase. Thanks.

  4. Don’t get me wrong its a great series and I loved it. If the DVD is anything like the „remastered“ version they have streaming forget it. They stretched it out from the original format to fit a widescreen and many of the sight gags at the bottom of the screen get cut off. In one episode they reference something on the table they are sitting at but you can’t see it as the bottom half of the screen is cut off.I wish people would leave the old 4:3 aspect ratio intact and let us watch the show as it was originally intended. No one really cares if their are black bars on the side of the screen.

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