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  1. Wow!Unfortunately, all of the various versions of the SAME title are lumped together. MOST of the reviews, here, are QUITE old.The reviews average IS very low.I——-fully!——-credit ONE reviewer’s comments [which I excerpt here, via cut’n’paste]: >>>>> „: By James BlakleyThis review is from: Science Fiction 2: Journey to Center of Time (DVD)“Journey to the Center of Time“ is almost universally panned as one of the 60’s worst sci-fi efforts. And admittedly, some of the slick, bigger budget time travel movies are more thoroughly enjoyable. But, some interesting theoretical physics and engineering concepts (as they relate to time travel) eventually emerge, making this rather interesting B-cinema fare. :“

  2. As has been said elsewhere, the money in your dresser drawer is greater than this film’s budget. But it’s still kind of fun. It’s almost all talk and stock footage, but there’s a certain charm to it all. The encounter with the second timeship is unique, and the ending has the kind of „hope above all“ that the ending of „The Incredible Shrinking Man“ has. Plus, it’s barely over an hour long.It seems to have a genuine naive desire to entertain, and I’d rather watch naive attempts than cynical ones.

  3. Fair late 60’s, so-bad-it’s-bad, low-budget sci-fi film, but I like it. A scientific team is experimenting with time travel but need funding to continue. An obnoxious mega-rich financier, who is uninterested in funding them, insists on going along in their next experiment and gums up the works. The team ends up first in the far future and then in prehistoric times. The money man brings about his own end and the team survivors hurtle into the unknown. The film is definitely B-quality with cheap-jack effects. The Film Detective DVD-R is very good quality but is only about 78 minutes long. Five minutes shorter than the 83 minute Genesis Home Video DVD, which was very poor quality. The Film Detective DVD-R is the version to get, but I wish it had been complete. Recommended for bad movie fans.

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