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  1. I purchased this product for my son for Christmas who absolutely loves anything that has to do with super heroes. He especially loves Batman and Superman, so when I saw this product I thought that I would give it a try because the price was so much lower than the majority of large box retailers, even on Black Friday. The product is very durable and has held up very well considering the rough playing of a six year old. He plays with these toys every day and we are very happy with the purchase. I would recommend this product for any parent who has children who are into super heroes. Looks just like the character from the movie. The shipping was very fast and the price was much lower than other stores.

  2. Amazing Figure, a marked improvement over Mattel’s disastrous BVS Wonder Woman action figures. Articulation is limited in the neck and the legs but the arms are fully articulated with bicep swivels, double jointed elbows wrist swivels and ball joints at the arm sockets. Also the waist twist helps make up for the lack of head movement…The head sculpt is quite good and they finally nailed the look of Gadot’s hair… Comes with tons of accessories including another set of hands to hold the coiled lasso and sword. I replaced the lasso with gold cord just for the sake of versatility…A must buy for any avid Wonder Woman fan

  3. Awesome!!! It’s large and in charge! Great quality and feeld strong. Like a 4 year old can actually play with it and not break it right out of the box!!!

  4. This isn’t the quality of a Hot Toys figure, but it isn’t $300 either. Therefore, for what it is (a reasonably-priced 1/6th scale figure of the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman) I think it is a very good likeness. The articulation isn’t great and the molded hair makes turning her head pretty limited in range. The blank expression is a little off-putting, but still a good representation of the actress in the role.The sword and extra hands are nice accessories to have in a figure that cost a sawbuck, but I don’t think I will use the lightning bolts or whatever the yellow semi-circles are supposed to represent. The ricocheting bullets are pretty cool to display on her bracelets, though.All in all, a nice addition to my Wonder Woman figure collection, and she doesn’t even look too bad next to the actual, expensive Hot Toy figures from the current DC movie universe.

  5. I was very pleased with this figured. I’m not an avid figurine collector, but anytime a story, game or movie is special to me I like to get at least one figurine from it to put on my book shelf. I was having a hard time finding a hard time finding the right Wonder Woman figure. I loved the movie, it wasn’t perfect, but it was very very good. And I feel like when we look back we’ll see it as an important moment in the evolution of superhero/comic movies. So I wanted a Wonder Woman for my bookshelf. My criteria; It had to be from the movie. There are plenty of non-movie wonder woman figurines out there, but for me I wanted something reminiscent of the movie. It had to be affordable. There are some absolutely beautiful Wonder Woman figurines in the $120+ range. But I’d never get through committee. It has to have articulation. Because sometimes the figures on my book shelf like to karate chop each other. ….don’t judge. It has to be decent quality. For the 20 to 60$ range I was looking at, i know i can’t expect perfection. But after reading some reviews of other figures where the eye was painted onto the cheek… i was a little worried.All in all, this one met my those requirements, and I’m happy. I have only two comments. One, she’s very tall. I know.. it said 12 inches right in the description. So that’s on me. I didn’t quite realize just how tall that was going to be. That’s fine though. She towers over Hellboy a bit, but he doesn’t mind. The closest to a complaint I have is that she doesn’t come with a shield. I knew that from the description too. I just think it’s a bit of a miss on the designers behalf. For me, the most iconic scenes in the film were ones that prominently featured her shield. I would have gladly traded the sword for a shield.But overall I’m very happy with this figure.

  6. Very good figure for this line. Solid likeness of actor Will Smith. Very easy to swap heads for Deadshot’s masked appearance. Armor sculpt is clean and the paint application on my figure is very clean. Articulation is on par with other DC Multiverse figures for better or worse. Inclusion of a rifle would have been appreciated.

  7. A good likeness for the movie version of the character. I’m not sure though why they made the mask a separate head and not, you know, just a mask. But it was kind of fun swapping heads with some of my other characters like putting the Deadshot mask on Cyborg. Or the Will Smith head on the Flash. What could have been.

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