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Spektakulär, groß und in Farbe, eroberte der Comic ab 1897 sein Publikum. Die Publikation stellt sechs für die Kulturgeschichte des Comics herausragende ...

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Die Ursprünge des Comics liegen in der Antike. So finden sich im Grab des Menna von vor 3400 Jahren Malereien, die in einer Bildfolge Ernte und ...


Zu Besuch auf der German Comic Con Frankfurt 2017

Darth Vader, Iron Man, Batman – Am Wochenende stand das Rheinmain-Gebiet ganz im Zeichen der Superhelden und Superbösewichte. Zum ersten Mal fand ...

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  1. This is the most heart-wrenching film I’ve seen in years. A combination of dark humor and extreme trauma at it’s best. Stephen Norrington has pulled Arthur Miller’s ploy of ripping out your soul and sticking in his.The story is fantastical; just watching it is like being shot through a blow-dart gun of fantasy, but the gun’s real. Wonderfully manipulative direction, I can’t compare this movie to any other because it would be just that: a comparison, and there is no point in comparing a unique film with another.The writer manages to convey a message of the unreality of reality. His colors are brilliant, his music sharper than glass, and the sounds of this spooky little world actually have texture.This man has really beat the living hell out his peers. His grasp of satire and story-telling is far more mature than it should be for his age. It’s an overwhelming film and often difficult to watch; there is so much emotion happening. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s maddening, it’s frustrating.It’s just a gorgeously decadent film and I wish we were allowed to cuss on these reviews because I cannot say enough how good this movie is. Buy this movie. Get the unrated version. Watch it a hundred times. Learn from it. Learn from him.After being lobotomized by this beautifully horrible world that’s been created, you’ll at the very least be left with one thing: Stephen Norrington’s un-paralled combination of stunning visuals and music as a technique of story-telling after there are no more words left to say.

  2. During the first half of this movie I thought: When does it start to get more interesting?But the second half was quite terrific! I absolutely liked the „Oliver Twist“-kind-a-like storyline. And since I only purchased this movie because of director Stephen Norrington, I wasn’t disappointed at all.When it comes to the dvd itself, I only DEEPLY have to complain about one thing: there are no subtitles available whatsoever! Since I’m German and quiet fluently in the American English language, I really had a VERY HARD TIME getting all the British accents and dialogues straight. It almost made my head spin!But still worth an experience.

  3. The movie needed no introcduction. It was described with such velocity. I will never fortget the begining of the movie, my look at life has changed for sure. In regards to the movie though, it was great. It flowed really well and the soundtrack keep me interested through out. I loved the music so much, I bought the CD!!! If your looking for a great movie, this is it!!

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