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  1. My expectations were guarded. Given how some previous reboots turned out, I am pleasantly surprised at how entertaining this episode was, and will definitely watch more. The series is billed as a mashup of a Twin Peaks story-line starring Archie comics characters, and it certainly does follow the advertising promises. It’s written by the same person who penned the Afterlife with Archie comics, so there is a proven track record that Aguirre-Sacasa can take these characters down a dark road that a viewer would want to follow. In this iteration, Jason Blossom (Cheryl’s twin) disappears on a boating outing and the town of Riverdale reels in the aftermath. Archie has come back from summer break ripped and angsting over a summer tryst, Betty is thinking about confessing her crush with the encouragement of her GBF, Veronica just rolled into town to escape a family scandal back in NYC, and Josie and the Pussycats are working on building their brand. And Jughead, the high school historian, is writing about all of it. The cinematography is dreamy and creative enough that you hardly notice the budgetary restraints, the writing is a bit precious but overall very sharp, and the casting of the parents is downright inspired (hello Madchen Amick and Luke Perry). I would venture to say that this will ease the approaching loss of Teen Wolf from my TV viewing schedule. It’s not supernatural (yet – this creative team has gone there before with this property, so I wouldn’t be surprise if it does happen) and it doesn’t have that ‚don’t open that door‘ scariness (although that could also happen), but it does have a similar night shoot spookiness and record-scratch surprises in the plotting. I recommend giving it a chance if you like Teen Wolf.

  2. i’m a huge, lifelong archie comics fan, and i love this adaptation. it’s silly and melodramatic and exciting, and strangely true to the comics even though major elements are shifted around to fit a modern/tv audience. i could do without the ‚teacher sleeps with student‘ subplot, but it seems the CW can’t make a drama without it.

  3. I like this show, and I am old and grew up reading the Archie comics of the 60s-70s. But I’ve also read more recent various comics in the line and am happy to see Archie and the Gang being relevant to the modern world. The Archie that I grew up was not the same Archie that kids in the 40s and 50s grew up with. RIVERDALE is just one more variation, but the core that makes these teens true to character is still there, and that is friendship above all.The cast is great all around, but I have to especially praise Cole Sprouse’s „Jughead.“ This young man is someone to watch. Wonderful actor.

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