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Kultur - Goethe-Institut

Aktuelles aus Kultur, Bildung und Gesellschaft in Deutschland: Artikel, Interviews und Nachrichten im Kulturmagazin des Goethe-Instituts


LEGO Goethe: "TOTENTANZ" - (deutsch) - golego

Totentanz - deutsche Version, frei nach Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Making Of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU_Wm7iUKPI english version: ...

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  1. The Best of Comics without Borders CD was so hilarious i had to get the complete season. It works out great. I can listen to it in the car and watch at home. There are a ton of funny comics talking about the funniest subjects (race and religion). I would definitely recommend both the CD and DVDs.

  2. I bought this because I’m such a fan of Russell Peters but this DVD turned out to be a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! Russell is only *hosting* this show, which meant that he would come out for the introduction of every comic for 30 seconds or so. Watched the first 4 comics and I probably half-chuckled twice… If you wanna actually have a really good laugh, buy Russell’s other products like Outsourced or Red, White & Brown — I watched him perform live with Jo Koy and laughed my @$$ off.Disc 1 of this dvd features: Justin Worsham, Dean Edwards, Mike Winfield, Shane Mauss, K-von, Sebastian Maniscalco, Tapan Trivedi, Angelo Tsarouchas, B-phlat & Darren Carter.Disc 2 is Erik Griffin, Ahmed Ahmed, Edwin San Juan, Bret Ernst, Felipe Esparza, Sam Tripoli, Yoshi Obayashi, Kristeen Von Hagen.Both DVDs total about 5 hours of stand-up.

  3. I consider Russel Peters to be one of the funniest comedians today, so I eagerly ordered this DVD. Russell is only the host on this show, which really features other up and coming comedians. So do NOT expect to hear much from Russell at all. It had lots of good laughs and clever bits from the different performers, but I really don’t like a lot of adult humor that contains heavy swearing and raw sexual commentary. I give up four stars because this DVD was entertaining, and if you don’t mind the smattering of rough language and coarse sexual stuff I think you will find this DVD to be quite funny.

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