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Seit 27 Jahren transportieren wir Möbel, feine Dinge, Kunst und Wertvolles. für Privatpersonen und namhafte Unternehmen. Wir Bewegen ihre werte Die Radensleben Transporte GmbH

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Profil. Willkommen bei "Kunst Transporte Hasbergen", Ihr Transport-Profi für die Region Osnabrück und ganz Europa! Wir sind Spezialist für zeitkritische Direkt- und Sonderfahrten.


Kunsttransporte: bloß nix fallen lassen! | DW Deutsch

Gemälde von Max Beckmann in klimatisierten Kisten: ein Großauftrag. Millionenschwere Kunstwerke müssen von einem Museum ins andere transportiert ...

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  1. I rarely write reviews about movies, but this one cant pass me by. Jason Statham is the driver from Transporter 1 who drives around this child, (the son of a politition) and the Politition is scheduled to go to this conference where lots of world leaders are coming. The theme of the movie is that the kid gets kidnapped and injected with a deadly virus that is spread through the air. They find the kid who was kidnapped (hes now injected with the virus) the kid infects the father politition, the mother and the father infects everyone at the conference who are all now dying. Statham is now trying to get the antidote which is injected into the bad guy who sold out the anidote to the Columbian Drug Lords. Statham has to get the bad guy so he can be used as a human ginea pig antidote for all the infected people before they die. Thats the plot, the review is to highlight the special effects while Statham, now driving around in a BEEMER, pulls off the sickest stunts imaginable, such as driving a 2 ton car flying from one roof to the other and even flipping the car over to knock off a bomb attached to the underside of the car before the bomb explodes. Some of the stunts are too unbelievable and even boggs the mind. You have to do this in Blu Ray or forget it.

  2. It took me until now to finally watch this. Went ahead and bought it on DVD, in fact, without knowing a thing about it. My excuse is the fact that I’ve been in a foreign country. But I liked the first two and was confident that I’d at least like this one.The reviews weren’t flattering, but as long as the fighting was good, the cast was the same, and the characters were the same I’d be happy.The first few minutes really set the tone for me: The characters have settled down (fishing), and it’s delightful to see them again. The fights are solid, and really feel pared down to their essentials. That was a bit of a shame for me, but the over-the-top moments abound and it’s only a shame that they couldn’t be stretched. But the movie is leaner for it, and still good.Of those moments, it was the bit under the water that really won the movie over on me. That was a bit of fun that led to a chain of satisfying moments that happened to coinside with the ending. Nice touch all the way around. Lean and mean? The movie is very well put together.Some of the shockers? Seeing Frank shooting felt wierd, but everything else played out well. And the ending? Totally feel good–though the idea that business would lose is the only truly out-there moment of the film.Ah, and some of the unflattering things I’ve read here about the love interest? Don’t know what the problem is with those people. She did a great job, is beautifully freckled, and mercifully loses the worst of the make-up by the end.The movie only loses a star because compared to the first movie it pales, but for anyone new to the series and returning fans alike this is a solid film. Must buy.

  3. If I rated this movie on explosions and fight scenes alone I would give this movie five stars. Unfortunately, I had to numb my brain with alcohol to get past all the blatant plot holes and weird movie „logic“. Also, the main bad girl is almost skeletal and it creeps me out. Plus, she’s a terrible shot. Also, she was dumb as a post. If I am an evil mastermind I’d want a slightly saner and more efficient right hand person, since hotness doesn’t help much in a gunfight, nor does taking off most of your clothes. Still, if you want good mindless fun, this movie has some, but I actually think you’d be better off with one and three unless you are a completist.

  4. „The Transporter“ is a fun popcorn action movie. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should we. The plot concerns a fellow who is paid to transport things or people, no questions asked. He’s a skilled driver and adept at eluding trouble — the latter in no small part because of his cardinal rules: don’t deviate from the schedule and don’t ask questions. When the noises coming from the trunk of his car pique his curiosity during one job, he violates both rules and finds himself in the midst of a mess of trouble, resulting in amusing entertainment for us.“The Transporter“ is very violent, in a cartoonish way. There’s nothing macabre or gross, but if you object to guns, car crashes, explosions, and martial arts-style fighting, this isn’t for you. If you enjoy movies like „Lethal Weapon“, „Die Hard“, the James Bond movies, and the Bourne movies, you may well enjoy „The Transporter“

  5. Now having seen all three of the Transporter films, I feel comfortable in my assessment of the third one as pure crap. While this and the previous entry don’t really qualify as great cinema, they can still be enjoyed as popcorn entertainment. This sequel offers up a similarly thin premise, but executes it effectively and with little downtime for needless exposition. In fact this one is more streamlined than the first, clocking in at about 6 minutes shorter. The basic plot has Frank racing against time to get the antidote for a virus that infected a US government official and his family (and potentially a whole lot of other people). However, despite the shorter running time, everything that was good about the previous film is better in this one, namely the action sequences. The acting is mostly decent, although one of the villains, a female, didn’t do as well as everyone else. Thankfully, she was quite a character and fairly easy on the eyes. Of course, it almost goes without saying that the fight choreography was excellent, done by Cory Yuen, who directed the first one. There was a really balletic quality to the fights that made them fun to watch, and the shooting style was able to adequately capture Jason Statham’s abilities. The editing was a bit tighter this time around, but it also had the effect of making the hits seem harder, which I suppose is a good thing. There are only a couple of other things I feel worth mentioning in terms of the overall look and feel of the picture. Even though is from Luc Besson’s production house, at times it looked and felt like a Michael Bay film, but not necessarily in a bad way. Part of this is due to the over-saturated color scheme which Bay uses in his film these days. Part of it could also be that it was set in Miami, which is where BAD BOYS and its sequel were set. Other than that, though, the cinematography was better and the humor was more appropriate than one finds in a Michael Bay film. Overall, the plot is just as ludicrous and convoluted as the first, perhaps more so, but the fight choreography and action sequences are a slight step up. Recommended for fans of the first one.

  6. While it certainly won’t win any awards for originality (nor did it), THE TRANSPORTER is probably the best solo vehicle for Jason Statham that I’ve seen up to this point (to include stuff that has come out more recently). It’s an all-thrills, no frills action movie with minimal character development and a logically incoherent plot, but the action sequences and Jason Statham’s charisma as a leading man more than make up for the flaws in the narrative. Certain elements date it a little bit (a few soundtrack cuts in particular), and it almost feels like a relic of the 90’s except for the fact that this came out in 2002. Still, I have great nostalgia for these types of movies and I had a great time watching it. Not only that, but there was some humor peppered into the mix which makes it contrast favorably to other similar movies that take themselves a little too seriously. Overall, this is a must-see if you’re a fan of Jason Statham or action movies in general.

  7. Well, Jason Statham is hands-down one of the most exciting martial artists to watch ever. His monotone worldly attitude and bone-dry humor add to his default kick ass cool. Hence, a perfect marriage for Statham and this story. There are 3 Transporter movies, each equally exciting, well produced and written. But the standout in the trilogy is No. 1 here–primarily because of the outrageously cool soundtrack music arranged and produced by Stanley Clarke (bassist and former member of Chick Corea’s Return to Forever). It’s funky, quirky, lowdown and dirty–perfect for framing the Transporter’s antics–and particularly his various nemeses. The whole premise–ex-military freelance pro driver delivers any „package“ no questions asked–is a great one, and there is even a TV series (seems like it’s French) featuring Chris Vance (Prison Break) capably filling in the Transporter role. For an entertaining and kick ass movie time, watch this Transporter, and then watch the next one, and then the next one. Hell, then binge watch the TV series!

  8. So funny as i watched this film with its great action and beautiful production quality…. but all i could think was Russian money… the story line etc… i finished this action adventure where a 17 year old girl and a 50 year old man are co stars… then i started googling… and how strange its production company got a large portion of its funding from Russian oil… so funny pro Russia pro you know who [he is mentioned by name in the film] and released November 26, 2008… wow…“The money becomes part of an equity and debt fund launched by Emmett/Furla Films and Envision Entertainment last September; In 11 months, they have put eight movies into production including crime drama „End of Watch.“Money from Russian oil is helping facilitate a $275 million increase to a $250 million equity fund created last September by Emmett/Furla Films and Envision Entertainment to produce star-driven commercial feature films.Envision was started last year by Remington Chase and Stepan Martirosyan, who are business partners in the Russian petroleum industry and other commercial developments around the world.“the mysteries just keep coming… be well…

  9. All time favorite Jason Statham movie. The on-screen chemistry between Natalya and Jason sealed the deal for me on this one. Natalya Rudakova, Russian Actress killed it in this movie. Frank Martin (Jason) puts the driving gloves on to deliver Valentina (Natalya), the kidnapped daughter of a Ukranian government official, from Marseilles to Odessa on the Black Sea. What is cool is that the city of Marseilles was center stage for one of my other favorite movies „The Count of Monte Cristo“.

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