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The first challenge in the scavenger hunt is the puzzle. Let's see how will they solve this one.

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  1. I wanted to like this puzzle, but the pieces aren’t aligning with a nice tight fit, so it leaves you wondering if you have the right piece in the right place. Also, when you try to put together smaller sections and then slide them into place, the pieces fit so loosely that you can’t even slide let on a smooth surface, let alone pick them up to move them. Gobs of sawdust in the box and generally poor quality. I’m disappointed and won’t order again, due to the quality.

  2. i have purchased many puzzles from Amazon for my wife and have always been pleased, however this time the terrible quality of this puzzle totally surprised us so much that we felt it necessary to bring it to your attention. This puzzle had pieces stuck to the backs of each other which had to be separated and of course then they were unusable. And many puzzles pieces were duplicated as shown in the attached photo. This was discovered by my wife when she tried to complete just the outside of the puzzle. There are many more duplicates making the puzzle too frustrating to complete. This was not an inexpensive puzzle and one should expect a quality product at this price.

  3. I loved the picture on this puzzle and couldn’t wait to do it, but…this is a thin wooden puzzle, all of the pieces look exactly the same and it’s very hard to put the pieces together. I probably do a 1000 piece puzzle each week and have never worked on a puzzle this hard to get the pieces to fit together. I will definitely be returning.

  4. I am writing a review on my own volition, with no expectations of receiving a single thing. This product literally showed up in a thousand peices. We spent hours as a family trying to put it together and eventually ended up with a poster of comic books my son could hang on his bedroom wall. If you look at the picture and imagine it in a thousand pieces, well that’s what you’ll get!

  5. I am hooked on these dog-motif puzzles from the New York Puzzle Company. They aren’t easy, but they are delightful to work on. I work at a B&B that keeps a puzzle out for guests to work on. We get compliments and laughs with these puzzles all the time. If you like puzzles, you will be pleased with this purchase.

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