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about comic, art and comic 8 part 2 – Because pop culture found a long-term illustration within the pop art movement, the group has obtained their long-lasting strategy in fabric images as well as comic pop art prints. The acceptance about this kind of art is rapidly escalating as a result of the equally continuous recognition of comic culture, that’s presently excessively common over the world. Comic art features infinite types that cater to many specific preferences for comic book lovers. Read some more about comics and art


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  1. It was not long ago that I treated an irrepressible 8 year old boy at the children’s hospital where I worked. This kid was something else. He was smart, articulate and bubbly. We got to talking about books, and I told him about Roald Dahl’s ‚The Twits‘ (one of my long-standing favourites by that author). „Have you read Captain Underpants?“ he asked me. Then he proceeded to regale me with the story of Mr Krupp and Harold and George. I was intrigued.At the follow-up appointment, my patient brought me one of his own copies of Captain Underpants, so I could see what he was going on about. I promised him the next time he came for an appointment, I would have read the whole series. His mom told me later, „You’re the only doctor here who’s willing to read Captain Underpants. You’re doing pretty well.“And here I am. I read Captain Underpants and I thoroughly loved it. It is one of the most banned books in libraries in the US, which probably goes to show you that it is extremely effective at engaging its target audience. I laughed in delight, reading the adventures of Harold and George, and remembered all the childhood hours I spent with my brother thinking up practical jokes that landed us in trouble again and again. I remembered the stink bombs, the fart spray, the whoopee cushions, and simply remembered what it was like to be a kid.I have read a few of the reviews that express concern that the series encourages defiance of authority, but I have several points to make in response. Firstly, the authority figures in the book should be challenged. Quite frankly, if kids had to attend a school where the principal punished naughty behaviour by making them clean his house and mow his lawn, I would mount a protest. That is a highly inappropriate punishment. Secondly, I seriously doubt that reading Captain Underpants is going to turn a kid into a criminal or miscreant of the justice system. If you really looked at the kinds of things that turn kids into criminals, reading books is not one of them. Thirdly, Captain Underpants was wonderfully imaginative. It turns mundane things into objects of great potential (nefarious or otherwise). I love that it encourages kids to dream and imagine, and not be confined by the dictates of our time. If not for challenging ideas, we wouldn’t know that the earth revolved around the sun, or that gravity makes apples fall to the ground, or that spores from a fungus (penicillin) could be critical in treating infection.Let’s let kids enjoy being kids. Heaven knows, growing up isn’t much fun. And for the love of all that is cotton-y and pre-shrunk, if they love the Captain, let them read it.

  2. Around when I was in third grade and all the other kids were reading these books, I was very hesitant to read these books and didn’t want anything to do with them. About four years later I saw the first trailer for the Captain Underpants movie and didn’t think it would really be worth seeing. A few months later I started watching the trailer nonstop and searched YouTube for every possible scene in the movie. A couple of days later I decided that before I saw the movie itself that I should read as many of the books I could so that I wouldn’t have to handle the wait much longer. Ten minutes later I finished the first epic novel.I bet you’re wondering why my opinion on these novels changed so suddenly. You see, once I saw a trailer for the movie saying that the critics thought it was heartwarming, far more emotional then you’d ever believe, and about the power of friendship and imagination, I immediately fell in love with it. I became absolutely hypnotized by every trailer I saw on TV just like how Mr. Krupp became hypnotized by George’s and Harold’s ring. I then saw that it got 85% by Rotten Tomatoes and was astonished.The main reason why I fell in love with this franchise in the first place was because I thought it could possibly teach me something about friendship and what it means to truly have a best friend at your side at all times, since I didn’t currently have a best friend at my side at all times like everyone else in school did.When I first read this book, I couldn’t stop smiling at how close George and Harold seemed to be and just how clever they were with all their pranks. Overall, I don’t think I’ll ever stop reading these books anytime soon and that I’d recommend it to every child out there and not just the ones in the lower grades. I mean, I was thirteen when I first started reading these books and I’m even a girl! Also, whatever you do, don’t be hesitant to read these books no matter how many there are! Trust me, you’ll be surprised and humored by what you read in these novels.

  3. This book is great! As a 12 year old, I’m obviously pretty old to be reading this book, but when I was younger, I read this book, and it definitely helped me love to read. I think that this book falls in the 3rd-4th grade age level.Some of the other reviews said that this book would make you hate school and make you say potty talk and stuff. Some even said it woul make your kid a „juvinile delinquet“… (not sure if I spelled that correctly). Anyway, I’m proud to say that (though I can’t help the potty talk, but what type of kid can?) I have sraight A’s, and I am very good at sports, though I don’t know how that has much to do with anything!Anyway, I think that the main characters, George and Harold, are very clever and funny. They must be good at english and art too if they make comic books. I wish my school had signs where you can switch around the letters! Read the book and you will know what I’m talking about.Mr. Krupp is the perfect villian. He actually turns into „the greatest superhero of all time“ with a 3-D Hypno Ring. Now the villian has turned into a hero, gets into lots of trouble, and George and Harold have lots of adventures.New villians show up through the series, and George and Harold fight them off. The wisecracks make this book halarious. There is also some random grown-up humor! The stories are not too complicated, and the comics are supercool!As a kid, I suggest to other kids to read this book. You will laugh. If you don’t want to act like a kid, if you want to be all grown-upy, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I think that this book is totally worth reading. If you are 8 years old or 100, you will still love this book so much!!Wow, I must admit I’m proud of that last speech!

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