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about comic, art and comic art blog – Because pop culture found a long-term illustration within the pop art movement, the group has obtained their long-lasting strategy in fabric images as well as comic pop art prints. The acceptance about this kind of art is rapidly escalating as a result of the equally continuous recognition of comic culture, that’s presently excessively common over the world. Comic art features infinite types that cater to many specific preferences for comic book lovers. Read some more about comics and art


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Comic Art Blog a cura di - COMICSANDO

COMICSANDO - Comic Art Blog a cura di

The Original Comic Art Gallery for Collectors and Artists

Over 850,000 works of Original Comic Art on display in our Comic Art Galleries. Share your Comic Art collection with other Art Collectors and Artists.


The Next Stage In Comic Collecting -- The Comic Art Con!!!

A lot of people collect comics but no many collect comic book artwork. Comic collectors...prepare to graduate to the Comic Art Con! BLOG:

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  1. Out of the 2007-08 Writer’s Guild of America strike came this fantastic standalone short musical film. The Whedon brothers (of Buffy fame, amongst other productions) wanted to create something that would not interfere with the strike. Of course, at the time there were several actors who were on hold due to the strike, so they banded together to produce this fun little project.Without getting into too far into spoiler territory (don’t read this paragraph if you want to go in cold), Dr. Horrible, mad scientist extrodinare, is seeking admission to the Evil League of Evil. He communicates with others via his blog, though some of his readers look upon him with disdain. He happens to be in love with Penny, which causes a problem when they run into his arch nemesis, the incredibly self-centered Captain Hammer. Who’s the bad guy, again?This film was funded on Whedon’s own dime. Subsequent DVD sales went to pay the cast and crew, who volunteered their time for this project. I hadn’t been a fan of Neil Patrick Harris before this–in fact, I don’t know if I’ve seen anything else he’s been in besides some Doogie Howser when I was little–but he’s fantastic in this, as is the rest of the cast. I can’t wait for the sequel!

  2. I first watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Netflix. I’m not really sure why I selected it to watch; maybe it’s because I love Neil Patrick Harris in his role as Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother…But I watched it, not really knowing what to expect. AND I LOVED IT!!! I swear I watched it every single day for a while…That is, until Netflix took it off. I was so bummed!For one reason or another, I never bought the actual Blu-ray. I ended up buying the soundtrack on iTunes, which satiated my love for the movie’s music. However, the soundtrack only contains the actual songs, of course. While Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is primarily music, I missed the dialog of Dr. Horrible’s daily blogs and his banter with Captain Hammer.So I finally caved in and bought the Blu-ray. And I am so glad I did because this movie is AWESOME! Like I said before, it’s primarily a musical. But even people who don’t like musicals will LOVE it! My husband isn’t too fond of musicals; the only one that he actually likes is Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut + Theatrical (BD) [Blu-ray]. But he LOVED Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!! And he doesn’t mind watching it over and over again because the songs are great and it is hilarious!The storyline is great, the comedy is witty…I even enjoyed watching the behind the scenes included with this Blu-ray.You really must buy this and watch it. It is simply amazing! Now I just have to wait impatiently for Joss Whedon to make a sequel!

  3. What can I say about Dr. Horrible? It’s amazing. It’s strange and irreverent humor and endearing wit and charm is just…perfect! It’s never going to stop being one of my favorites. Here’s the plot: we’re in a world of super heroes and villains. But discretion is paramount, therefore during the day Dr. Horrible is just…Billy. Billy is in love with Penny. (Felicia Day.) Penny is in love with the idea of saving the world and falls for Captain Hammer (Corporate Tool!) played by the ever so handsome and charming Nathan Fillion. Frozen yogurt and well crafted lyrical puns mixed in with Neil Patrick Harris’s adorable and Felicia’s wit and Nathan’s humor…it doesn’t get much better than this. Billy convinces Penny over laundry to be friends with him, but every time he tries to make it something more…Captain Hammer stands in the way.I don’t want to spoil the plot, but it’s a GREAT show. It was one of the best things to happen in the big Hollywood Writer’s Strike. It’s a wonderful ride but be warned it just…ends. I’m very conflicted about the ending, but that being said it’s one of my NUMBER ONE movies that people MUST see. I hope that someday Joss Whedon (director) will pick these characters back up again. Wonderful movie with a musical format that works, doesn’t annoy and is very funny! I cannot say enough good about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog!

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