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about comic, art and comic art pens – Because pop culture found a long-term illustration within the pop art movement, the group has obtained their long-lasting strategy in fabric images as well as comic pop art prints. The acceptance about this kind of art is rapidly escalating as a result of the equally continuous recognition of comic culture, that’s presently excessively common over the world. Comic art features infinite types that cater to many specific preferences for comic book lovers. Read some more about comics and art

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  1. This set is a good addition to a any of the numbered sets prismacolor sets, or to be used as a starter set. There is a healthy range of skintones, from the yellow, pink and grey range. The complete list of colors is listed elsewhere in another review, but it contains enough to do a standard standard highlight-midtone-shadow shading for skin with decent blending and depth of tone. I was satisfied for the most part with the color selection, but notable colors that I find essential in portrait work are PM-017 Pale Peach, PM-070 Sand, PM-071 Buff, PM-080 Putty, PM-095 Light Tan are missing, as well colors for darker skins with good depth are excluded.Other than skin tones, the set contains colors for blonde hair, multipurpose darker skin/brown hair markers, peaches and pinks for lips and flushed skin, as well as a lighter blue and green, included in the set for eye colors and cool shadows.All the markers I got were wet and juicy, the colors were saturated and took well to wet blending on marker paper. As expected from prismacolor, the quality was good.Despite the somewhat understandable exclusion of additional skin tones, this set is well rounded, and can be used alone or as a compliment to others. However, the only real complaint I have, though a bit petty,is that the included stackable racks are garbage. Flimsy and not worth keeping, and even if they were, unless you memorize the numbering system you’ll end up unstacking them anyways so you can read the color names. I ended up buying a prismacolor marker case, I would recommend this method.Overall, if you’re interested in doing color portrait work I would recommend this set to start with, and fill it out with the colors you need.

  2. I buy Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils over, and over, and over again. They have so many colors and they blend so well. This pack has a great variety and I have enjoyed using them. Prismacolor Pencils are so easy to blend, the colors you can create are endless. Below is an example of what I’ve done with Prismacolor Pencils.

  3. Once I got these brush pens in my hands, I quickly came to love them. I did various swatches and such to experiment and see what I could do with the 20 color set I ordered. Though Mozart Art Supplies says they use actual ink… The way these colors blend and work makes me wonder they are lying and actual put real liquid watercolor pigment into these little guys. I know it is high quality ink, but “watercolor effects” be damned, this is like real watercolors! A few of my art buddies couldn’t even tell some of my colored sketches I did in these weren’t watercolor!The colors were a mix of vibrant and more saturated varieties. This allowed me to create so many colors and I even got all sorts of skin tones without much effort. Shades and tints are also easy to do through various means, even lifting or adding the gray and black in the set. The gray and black are color mixtures of such, hence it won’t look unnatural in an art piece. Though leaving the ink to dry will stain the paper, the staining is about the same as normal watercolors and actually can be used to your advantage with how nice it looks compared to other such staining. In fact, the blending of these markers work a little too well. I found my white Gelly Roll pen creating delicate tints with these instead of white highlights as I was using it for. A wonderful discovery for me in my test gems below, but you might want to test your other art supplies you plan to use with these to see how they work together.However, since I am used to using brushes and brush pens for inking and wet medium, I was able to get straight into working with these brush pens. To some, using these might be a bit tricky at first since it seems more brush than pen. I recommend people new to brush pens to practice their brush strokes and play around before doing any serious work with these. Upside, there is a dual tip marker variety for those more used to markers with felt tips and such. I will be buying these later on.The synthetic brush tips were soft and always sprung back into place with each stroke. Though, I did get a fray strand or two on some of my markers… They don’t cause problems, seamlessly working back into the brush when I use it and just pop back up when done. For some, that is a deal breaker, but for me that is not the case. The pen body is the right size and weight for me to use for drawing and painting in long sessions without worry of fatigue in my hand and arm. However, the caps… are sometimes a bit hard to get off and then put back on. If not for having the plastic wallet these brush pens come into, I would have probably had a few dried out pens due to not getting the cap all the way back on.Overall, I give my full recommendations of these pens to anyone looking into trying to get watercolors like pieces with brush pens or even just using these brush pens or coloring in artwork in general. These cheap alternative to Copics with never using alcohol markers before and have a lot easier of a learner curve to Copics These brush pens were a blast to use and great for causal colorists to professionals looking into art mediums to expand into.This all coming from an illustrator who bought these brush pens on a whim with being annoyed with how long my watercolor and gouache pieces were drying in the muggiest winter this bayou has seen. You just earned yourself a repeat customer for more than just these pens, Mozart Art Supplies.

  4. Dried out WAY too quick, attempts to contact the company weren’t even answered. If you are considering this purchase, I’d suggest you try to find something else.

  5. I am a mom, and painting is how I am destressing these days.I am using them on mixed media paper and am enjoying theprocess – love the colors and do not feel overwhelmed withhaving too many to choose from. I have also tried them forlettering and when I get some time I have plans to do more.I will be a return customer, could not have better service. I washaving issues with getting a discount and they were so graciousand got the issue dealt with. A company who thinks outside thebox to live up to what they say.! Yes they have helped me more thanonce.

  6. I bout these when I discovered my love of drawing, i bought them because I couldn’t afford to buy Faber-Castell as they are too expensive, the quality is decently good, they blend nicely, has vibrant colours, I use sometimes mineral spirit in blending to get red of the waxy appearance.They tend to break while sharpening, so you have to sharpen again and again, but come on, with this low price the quality is really good. I like the way the pack stand would it make it easier grab the pencils.

  7. My niece and I love drawings. This big box of color pens is what we needed around the house. So many colors at a good price and it’s duel tips make the double fun. Everyone should get something like this around the house to keep the kid company.

  8. What a great set of markers. I guess I didn’t pay close attention assuming they were just brush pens. Boy was I happily surprised to find the dual tip. The dual tip is a fine metal pointed tip, not just a regular marker tip – very nice! There are so many colors packed into the carrying tube. I have mentioned how cool this set of pens are yet? Really cool and I am glad to have them. My daughters love to draw and I am sure we are all going to be sharing (fighting for) them!

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