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WER BLEIBT - COMICREPORTAGE AUS HALLE-NEUSTADT 2005 Die Plattenbausiedlung Halle-Neustadt war ein ehemaliges Vorzeigeprojekt der Deutschen Demokratischen ...

Mustertext für Pfändung von Rentenanwartschaften ...

[font=Comic Sans MS]Hallo, irgendwie habe ich noch nicht das richtige im Forum gefunden, obwohl das Thema ja bereits behandelt worden ist. Ich muss ...


Herr Hassknecht erklärt das deutsche Rentensystem | heute-show

Wie viele Pfandflaschen muss man im Rentenalter sammeln, um nicht zu verhungern? Herr Hassknecht erklärt, warum der Generationenvertrag zum Scheitern ...

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  1. Grandson loved it. Has it set up so when he turns on bedroom light it goes on and changes colors constantly. Had to get an adapter for plug in since it is set up for USB.

  2. This thing is super cool, the remote is a little tricky as the buttons don’t exactly react the way they are supposed to but other than that my son loves it.

  3. Amazing for the Price this one is bigger than the Multiverse that runs for $59 . The multiverse is 1/12 and the RC 1/10 Scale I really don’t care about Battery time since most of the time will be on display. Great fix till the Hot Toys one comes out that’s if it does

  4. I am surprised that this only has 3.8/5 rating on Amazon, so let me, a verified purchaser, do its justice (no pun intended).The toy is totally worth it and it’s probably the best RC (or app-enabled car) that I have ever owned. You could control it’s movement, suspension, weapons, LED lights, and exhaust smoke!Now the app/wifi connection is a little weak, I could connect it to my iPad but when I tried to connect to my iPhone, it says wrong password for some reasons(?). Maybe it can only connect one device at a time? I suspect after I recharge the battery and thus reset the vehicle, I can do that again. If anyone know why I cannot connect to a second device let me know in comments. But no big deal as long as I can connect to at least one device.

  5. This Batmobile is essentially a drone you control with your smart device. The Batmobile creates it’s own Wi-Fi hotspot and you connect to it using your smart device. There is an POV camera just over the shoulder of batman and you can drive in first-person view using your smart device.This beast is heavy and well detailed. Comes in it’s own display stand. Has working lights, twirling cannons, smoking tail pipe, hydralic lift for off-road mode, opening canopy for batman to drive the batmobile (batman’s hand actually steers the car). So many fun details in this great toy/display piece.My only disappointment is that the Wi-Fi connectivity can be spotty. Sometimes everything works well (as it should), other times it will lose connection with the batmobile. I’m hoping a update to the app will help fix that. review score of 8/10. Justice Prevails.

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