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Spark your creativity: with comic art supplies Nearly all of the comic books are about things that don’t happen in real life. Like, you will find out about people soaring, others with numerous feet and hands and a number of other things that you will not knowledge in real life. This helps you to consider external the norm and you begin saying what might happen if points would be since they are place in the comics. The more you imagine points the more you feel creative thus you are prone to produce your own personal creations.

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  1. As having been through many art kits in my life, I am thoroughly impressed and happy with the Clear Art Set. The set is very organized in the nice case – it’s very compact and easy to take out the materials (with the exception of one of the sharpeners.) I’ve tested the materials and they are of good quality and a great range, especially for the price. I have never seen a set with pencils ranging from 8B to 5H, so I really enjoy the range of pencils. All the drawing utensils, such as the charcoal, are of the standard quality. I also like the inclusion of the exacto knife/scalpel as it can prove very helpful for cutting paper; as an architecture student, I wouldn’t use the scalpel for cutting through thick paper or greyboard per say, but it works great on drawing paper.Overall, this set is compact an contains all the basics for an amateur or professional artist as is stated in the name – it’s a great set for the price! I would definitely recommend it to any drawing enthusiasts.

  2. This just arrived and upon opening it I was very pleasantly surprised. I’m not sure what the material of the case is but, it is very well constructed. It is a zip around case that opens flat once unzipped. Then pencils and other drawing tools inside the case are very nice. I was looking for something like this for when I want to take my art with me when I am away from home and this kit fills the bill. Every piece has it’s own place and packs away nicely. With the zipper nothing falls out or gets lost. I really love this. It would make a great well-loved gift for the beginner to advanced artist. I have printed out the ebook from the link that was sent to me and it’s a great ebook. Well written and very informative. Shows great techniques and details. Very good for a beginner like me. 🙂

  3. I got these watercolor paint brushes to use with my adult coloring books and for my teenagers to use for school projects or anything else they may need them for. They’re very easy to use and great for the smallest lines or the larger lines. I actually am going to be using them on a canvas and try to use them instead of in a book to see how well they work. Another project I would like to try them on would be on rocks. In our town there is a huge group of people that love to paint the rocks with inspirational messages and then coat them with a clear cover so it doesn’t matter if it rains or not they’ll be perfect. I’ve painted rocks with my teenagers in the past with other paint pens so I’m sure they’ll be fine. I love all the twenty different colors the sweet set comes with because I’m not a fan of just the basic colors. This set has a nice variety and are going to last quite awhile.

  4. I will preface my review and say that I am an experienced artist – one might say professional because I’ve done it as my main source of income for a time – and I got this for two purposes: practicing hand lettering, and painting in my Hobonichi planner as opposed to using up all the ink in my more expensive pens.These aren’t comparable to Akashiya Sai or Cleancolor – nor do they need to be as those are at least twice the price point of these. The quality of these are surprisingly good for the price, and come with a cute little color book I’m gonna give to my sister and her kid, and a water brush with a really nicely sized water reservoir. I only have two complaints: The product comes in too much excess packaging, which is a nitpick, but I don’t have easy access to recycling in my complex so it kills me to throw away so much plastic. The second is some of the bristles don’t really stay „together“, they will fray out and cause the pen to put multiple lines which isn’t a problem most of the time, but can be a problem for details.But overall, I definitely recommend these to someone on a budget or looking to try watercolor pens. I think I’m gonna get another pack or two in the future to donate to my sister’s classroom. I have a feeling it would be a huge hit with her grade schoolers.

  5. An excellent resource for comic strip artists. Having the pre-printed guidelines and measurements let’s the illustrator concentrate on the story rather than the getting the right spacing for print or web.

  6. this pad of Comic strip pages is great for beginners and professional alike they are pre cut to the size you need and they are marked with non repro blue guidelines so it takes the guess work out of what they should be. I can’t wait to get started on my own comic strips now that I have these. It is going to be so much easier having these pre cut boards to draw on.

  7. I love these pens so much – one of my biggest frustrations with water color was the loose brush hairs getting into my painting. These pens allow for more control, they release just the right amount of ink, and the water pen is absolutely genius. I will buy these again if mine ever run out of ink! I’ve attached my first picture that I made with them – I still have a lot to learn but I’m very happy with the results!

  8. Started as a kit for oldest Granddaughter who is an artist. It had so many items she uses daily that it made a great gift. It was received so well that Granddaughter #2 wanted one for herself, she wants to be an artist and is learning everything she can. Finally Granddaughter #4 wished one for her birthday and Grammy was only to happy to oblige. Came in great condition, all the items have a place that secures them to the inside of the kit. Material seams strong and If they return the items after use it will keep them in one place ready for the next use. The price was reasonable for the whole kit versus if I had bought all items separately. I’m not an artist so I cannot comment on the quality, but reviews from the eldest artist said she loves them. Grammy scored.

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