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Spark your creativity: with comic book storage Nearly all of the comic books are about things that don’t happen in real life. Like, you will find out about people soaring, others with numerous feet and hands and a number of other things that you will not knowledge in real life. This helps you to consider external the norm and you begin saying what might happen if points would be since they are place in the comics. The more you imagine points the more you feel creative thus you are prone to produce your own personal creations.

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The Collection Drawer Co.

DrawerBoxes, stackable cardboard boxes that create a file cabinet storage system for organizing collectibles including comics, magazines, LP records & more.

Comic Book Storage Chests - Stan Pike Designs

Stan Pike Furniture Maker, featuring the craftsmanship of Stan Pike, designer and maker of very special wood furniture, specializing in apothecary cabinets ...


Comic book storage tips that even pros don't do.

Helpful Tips to keep your comics looking pristine even pros don't do.

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  1. The boxes are definitely „not bad.“ I wouldn’t classify them as high quality, though. Basically, if you’re looking for storage boxes for comics that you treasure dearly and don’t want damaged, I would look elsewhere. However, if you’re like me and need these boxes to store some comics, but mostly zines and booklets, and you’re just going to jam them into your bookshelf wherever they’ll fit, then these boxes will work just fine. It did take me a minute to try and figure out how to put the boxes together (even a small printed diagram would have helped immensely) but I give the item 4 stars.

  2. I haven’t picked up or made a comic box in almost 20 years. It was time to rebox my comics. For those that complained about the difficulty making the boxes and bending up the cardboard, that is just a lack of following instructions. The boxes went together exactly the same way they did years ago. They are sturdy and strong.The most valid complaint is the handle folding inside. After the first couple of boxes I just quit punching out the handles. Quite frankly, if the box is so heavy that you are worried about the handles then you need to do some sort of weight lifting. If you really really need handles, cut off the part you bend in and use a little duct tape to wrap around for sturdiness.All in all a solid box that will last me another 15-20 years.

  3. I have been keeping my comics in improper boxes for far too long and decided now that I have a lot of comics I might as well buy legitimate storage boxes. BCW is a well known brand in the collecting world when it comes to storages boxes, racks, and mylar bags so I definitely wanted to get their product.The boxes are great overall but definitely can use some improvement. I do wish the cardboard on the sides were thicker. I wish there were more color options than just white, it gets dirty fast especially if you are sliding them around. The really bad part about them are the handles which do not fold over properly on the inside so if you do not have books from end to end there is a chance the handle will pop apart. This doesn’t cause the whole box to come apart but the next time you go to pick it up by the handles you will find yourself picking it up by only 1 layer of cardboard versus the 3 layers it should have when it is folded over properly. You also run the risk of the handles pressing on the face of a comic if you don’t turn the comics facing away from the handles on both sides. My fixed this problem actually inserting a small bolt through the 3 layers of cardboard that makes up the handle and put a nut on the outside to hold it sandwiched in place. Now the handles absolutely can’t com apart and there is nothing inside to press onto my books. I will have to upload a picture of this.Now for those of you debating on whether to buy cardboard boxes or the plastic boxes; DO NOT BUY PLASTIC BOXES. I know BCW itself makes plastic boxes but honestly the cardboard ones are much better. The plastic ones are much more expensive which really would be fine if they were stronger, better looking, and because you have a black option but they are none of those things. Plastic ones still need to be folded into shape but they do not hold their shape as well constantly pulling itself out of the tabs. The worst part is the plastic is too flexible and the long sides of the box started to bow out within a few days for me especially if your box is only half full. The cardboard versions work much better

  4. I’m a collector of trades, or graphic novels as most call them, and was worried before I purchased this if they would fit in these boxes, which are made for individual issues. Thankfully, every single book I own fits, including my Uncanny Avengers Omnibus, TMNT IDW collection hardcover, Walking Dead Compendium, and He-Man Mini Comic Collection hardcover, which are all much larger then your standard book.Assembly was a breeze, and they feel VERY sturdy afterwards. Will buy these again without question!

  5. We liked this so much, we bought a second one. We have a super small apartment, and even smaller kitchen. This cart frees up some much needed cabinet space! It fits just about everything, I haven’t run across anything too tall. We stacked two carts, making 5 shelves. Yes, there aren’t any instructions, but it was not difficult to figure out at all. It can be kind of dicey buying these types of products online, but this won’t disappoint. I’m really happy with this purchase and my newly freed cabinet space!

  6. This storage box is absolutely perfect. It’s a great size and the art on the outside is wonderful. It’s so fun and fitting that I don’t even feel the need to put the box in a closet, I leave it out in plain view. Have received many compliments!

  7. Love this unit! It fits perfectly between my stove and fridge (5inches)Things I like most:1) Easy construction (if you can play with Legos then you’ve totally got this)2)Fits perfect in the space I needed3)Glides easily in and out of this space4)Easily fits my seasoning and spices on each shelf with room for canned goods5)Shelf space is approximately 3 inches deep, 4 inches wide and 19 inches long which is a good amount of space for myneeds6)It’s plastic and wipes clean easilyThings I don’t like:1)Pulling it all the way out to sweep the space it sits in can be problematic if you try to turn it and guide it in a direction other than straight in and straight out. It’s unstable when full of your stuff and it really take both hands.——-Other than that, I love it and will buy another one for my bathroom ‚

  8. All 10 boxes arrived in a larger box. All 10 were in perfect condition, easy to assemble. I see a lot of reviews about the corners not lining up, etc.- not an issue with any of the boxes that arrived. The BCW logo is on both sides of the box.

  9. These were delivered yesterday and I’m quite satisfied with their overall quality. Comic books were the popular adolescent pastime in the sixties, but nowadays being older, I just go the route of trade paperbacks. But there’s always that left out issue, and so many runs are never completely collected, as is the case with those great Valiant stories of the early nineties. These five boxes, and their five lids arrived flat, and someone took the time to bag them, then they were shipped in a much bigger box.They’re pretty sturdy, and I can confirm that the inner dimensions are approx. 7-5/8” (Width) x 11” (Depth) x 15-5/8” (Length). Because of arriving flat, they take some manipulating to get into shape, but there is a diagram right on the box showing how. One observation, many of these comic boxes fold into shape with some extra cardboard that folds in at the handles. These don’t, but it’s of small consequence. Also, each side piece may need some additional “splitting” with a razor knife to get a real clean edge. Overall, they’re a good buy, better than paying $12–$15.00 for just one, and they can be used to organize many other items, making for very uniform storage.

  10. The corners of the box are not glued where they should be, it would earn 5 stars if that were the case.It’s a shame because it’s a quality control issue that should be taken care of before shipping a certain lot out; either that or lower the price.Overall, the box looks sharp and seems to be made of quality material.Check out pictures for more details.

  11. The organizers came on time and in good shape. However, what idiot thought it would be a good idea to place a giant paper and glue sticker on the side of a clear storage container. The whole purpose of a clear storage container is that you can store things in it and it is CLEAR! Said sticker came off in 1,000,473 pieces and left a sticky residue on the side to say nothing of the hour of my life I’m not getting back.

  12. I really like this comic book box. My wife picked it out for me online to help control the overflow of my comic book collection. I’ve stored some of my favorite treasures in it, and it fits snugly into a shelf where I have others ready to grab. The cool graphics exemplify the speech bubbles of classic comics, and the construction is heavy duty.My only complaint is the cost. Yes, it is a double-thick box with graphics, but I can get the plain white boxes at a similar thickness for a fraction of the cost. They don’t look quite as nice if on display, but they offer the same utility. So you’re really paying a premium for looks. If it is worth it to you then by all means get the Art POW!. Another vendor sells two at a reduced price, so keep that in mind.~ Kort

  13. Works great, excellent way to organize comics and looks good. Only reason for the one-star deduction is, as another reviewer mentioned, there is a large sticker with tough to remove adhesive right on the face of the clear box — which makes little sense and is very annoying

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