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Spark your creativity: with comic error Nearly all of the comic books are about things that don’t happen in real life. Like, you will find out about people soaring, others with numerous feet and hands and a number of other things that you will not knowledge in real life. This helps you to consider external the norm and you begin saying what might happen if points would be since they are place in the comics. The more you imagine points the more you feel creative thus you are prone to produce your own personal creations.

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Comic Box

Comic Box, site du premier magazine français sur les comics, articles, reportages, nouveautés, chroniques BD, ciné, TV

COMIC PLANET. American Veggie food

Comic Planet. Comic Veggie Planet Donde Comen los Superhéroes. Las mejores Hamburguesas de la Ciudad. Aunténtica parrilla americana. Comida vegetariana y ...


Error!Sans vs UnderSwap [Undertale AU Comic Fandub]

I decided to do this since the part 7 (When it was supposed to end at part 8 :B ) And I think it turned out pretty well! (Obviously is not better that many other dubs around there, but I'm...

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