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GENERAL: Type: Amateur HF/VHF transceiver: Frequency range: HF / 6 m (also 4 m for european version) Tuning steps: Down to 1 Hz: Mode: AM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY

Icom IC-7300 Transceiver, Icom 7300

Icom's latest SDR Transceiver, the IC-7300 100W Touchscreen HF/50MHz SDR Amateur Radio!


Icom IC-7300 HF/50mhz transceiver complete review demo

Here is the brand new IC-7300 transceiver from Icom, which is absolutely AMAZING. This video will show you all about it. Thanks to for loaning me this radio to bring to YouTube....

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  1. The IC 718 is a great HF rig for the money. You will get what you pay for with this HF transceiver with some price surfing. The critical DSP unit which used to be optional has been included in recent years so be sure to look for that if you make the purchase. The 718 has good receive and good transmit…good, not great, and for the price it is solid. The ergonomics and menu layout is very intuitive. The included mic is a no-frills type but it works just fine. I made many DX contacts with this radio right out of the box.Be sure to understand that if you need an antenna tuner this unit does not have it. A good tuner will add another $150 or more if you need one (you will need it for longwire or OCF style antennas). Most off-the-shelf multi band antennas will require a tuner so take a look at that when shopping. LDG makes fantastic low cost auto tuners and they hook to this or any other radio with ease. Also understand a suitable 12 VDC power supply is required (as is the case with most all HF base transceivers). I only mention these things for those who are new to HF radio which this particular unit is very apt to attract and these things add up.One word of advice: If you are getting into radio casually this is a super choice on a budget. However, if you are the type who tends to grow into a hobby quickly I would suggest saving and researching a more capable radio. I say that because it will not take long to outgrow the 718 if you find you need a tuner, want better audio and better DSP, want a spectrum scope, dual receive, multiple antenna jacks, better speaker quality, higher quality mic, and so on. If you add some of those things to this unit you will wind up at or over the price of a more advanced radio. In this hobby it takes no time at all to say to yourself „I sure wish I had X, Y, and Z.“As an entry level, low cost base station or as a backup rig you cannot make a better choice. I loved mine but within a year had outgrown it and moved on but I wish I kept it as a backup. Radio is a blast and it can get expensive quickly so research and discussion with other HAMs is the key.Pros: cost, ease of use, compact and semi portable, ICOM reputation and build qualityCons: no ATU, average RX audio (small speaker), single antenna jackPlease note again that the cons listed are not a ding on this very capable radio. At the price ICOM has made a superb model.

  2. Difficult to beat the Icom IC-718 for value. Excellent receiver with a multitude of controls. Running it alongside two other Icom transceivers other the quirky ALC which takes some getting used to once properly set up have fantastic audio reports using a SM-30 microphone. MARS modification was a breeze requiring a fine tip soldering iron and a steady hand. Very pleased with the purchase arrived in a timely manner and was well packed.

  3. This is a great radio for the price. Simple to operate. It comes with the UT-106 DSP board already installed, hand microphone and power cable. I have the AH-4 antenna tuner connected to a wire antenna, this works pretty good.

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