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Pit Hammanns Kunst der Karikatur

Promis als Karikatur von Pit Hammann. Pit Hammann karikiert Fußballer und sonstige Sportler, TV-Stars, Film-Stars, Musiker, Popstars, Politiker.

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Who is Image Comics Pitt? "Hulk" Strength, Healing Factor, Claws, and Telepathy = Verified BEAST!

This video explores the abilities, powers, and origin of the Image Comics character "Pitt." From being a Human and Creed hybrid created by Zoyvod, battling his ...

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  1. OK, the game itself is a 5 star. It’s really fun and easy enough that young kids or elderly folks can play and have a blast. But, the cards are low quality so after you’ve played a couple of times, the cards that see all the use (Bear…you know who I’m talking to) start to get folds in them. Cards for this game should be made of high quality plastic like playing cards….not cheap paper.

  2. Pit as a game in general is great, raucous fun for the whole family. You can play with all ages and everyone has fun–the little one will enjoy the yelling and trading even if they aren’t quick enough to win. However, this set is not so great. We gave away the basic card set and bell (purchased separately) that we had and ordered this to replace them. Disappointed to discover that everything in this deluxe version is not so great. The only advantage is having a box that fits the bell inside! Commodities are not the same (more agricultural, whereas the cards-only set had a mix) and pictures in this „Deluxe“ set are the older ones I remember from the ’70s-80s version, not an updated look. The bell I used to have, purchased separately here on Amazon, had a better „ding“ sound and motion to it, as well. Wish I hadn’t „upgraded.“

  3. This is a really great party game. I had played it many times before, but decided to purchase this to give as a hostess gift to a couple of my friends when visiting them in Europe. They LOVED it! The best part is the bell (obviously) but the downfall to the game was that there were no instructions in the box! What would they have done had I not been there to teach them? Kinda lame to make a recipient search google for instructions to a new game you bought them.. otherwise, fantastic game that remains a favorite!

  4. I’ve worked with Director Chris Hood on another one of his movies and must say he can do a lot with very little of a budget. He loves heist movies and lives in Vegas so why not keep making heist movies? They’re fun to watch and a good writer director makes movies audiences want to see. Grab some popcorn and enjoy a B-movie just for the mere fun of it.

  5. Quite obviously, this is a T&A flick – with a limited budget. So if you’re looking for Oscar winning acting or awesome special effects, keep looking. Still, it’s worth a little relaxing time. Why? Well, the plot is better than you might expect, & has some interesting and unexpected twists (especially the end), and Michael Madsen is always mesmerizing, even when not at his best. It was nice to see C. Thomas Howell again, too. But honestly… it’s worth an hour or 2 because the T&A is absolutely primo, and seemingly endless. I mean, if you’re gonna watch T&A… why not choose quality? 🙂

  6. It is a nice surprise when you see that in the guise of a genre that has both the sex and seedy gambling that also there was heart put into the story and characters. A genuine love for the girls in this film makes it rise above. They are pretty but have heart and smarts and are doing what they do for a good cause. It captures the seedy casino thugs and bosses well with its star villains and overall is worth a look. I enjoyed it!

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